Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Knitting Pandemic

"There isn't a vaccination for knitting fever at the moment and it's very contagious."
Angela Stafford
BNH Hospital Let's Knit for the Needy

Today I went to the press conference for the Let's Knit for the Needy project at CentralWorld Mall. The BNH hospital project is asking people to knit 15cm by 15cm squares and donate them for Sister Louise and her women and girls at the Fatima Centre to knit up into blankets.

The completed blankets are destined for the children of Umphangwitthayakom School in Tak Province in the north of Thailand. These children live so remotely that they live at their school, sleeping in crowded dormitories. They go home for long holidays only, stopping at villages on the way. It takes them three days to walk home. Normally the temperature during winter is 3 or 4 degrees but last winter it was as low as zero.

It's easy to give money to charity but it's been much more fun to knit knowing how essential the blankets will be.

Pic 1. Look closely at those ties and that waistcoat! Yup, all knitted.
Pic 2. All sorts of 'people' turned up for the event.
Pic 3. BNH's aim is make at least 111 blankets because that's how old they are this year.

If anyone would like to knit squares for us, I will be in the UK until 24 October to collect any donations...

Tomorrow, I will unveil the Alison Murray's Gingerbread House, the real star of the press conference.


Debs said...

So many creative knitters where you live.

HelenMHunt said...

That's brilliant. Fab photos.