Sunday, September 20, 2009

Word count day, juicy scenes and big feet

After failing to find some trekking shoes gargantuan enough for Son, I went off to Starbucks yesterday. That’s where I’m writing best at the moment. It’s got something to do with the piles of non writing related work on my desk. If I’m sitting at my desk, I see it and worry. I don’t do it but I do worry. I end up not writing and not doing any of the other jobs either.

So it’s off to Starbucks. On Friday I went to my usual branch. (You know you’re going too frequently when your teabags (yes two bags for a grande) are in his hands before you’ve even arrived at the counter.) Yesterday for a bit of variety (get me, how exciting is my life?) I went to a different branch of Starbucks. I went to the one in Siam Centre. It overlooks Siam Square. They don’t know me there so I had to order my tea and then I went and found a seat.

I was very excited about the juicy scene that I knew was next. I’d been thinking I was about to write this scene for a couple of days, but other bits of business always got in the way. I first wrote up the germs of this scene in my notebook a year ago when I was on my own in Koh Chang. It just appeared in my head and all I had to do was write it down.

This was my view from my chair. And I did smile whenever I looked up and saw it.

So Sheepish, are you here looking for my words? Well I shall be along later in the day to update them… Update: After NO Sunday writing (I've been to the cinema) words this week are 4121. (And the rule about no Sunday writing is nonsense because I've whipped her woolly bum this week!)


Sandra Ferguson said...

How appropo. Hope the writing went well. Did you finish the book? I thought you were really close.

JJ Beattie said...

Sandra, I'm close but not that close. I'm hoping to finish by the end of November.

Debs said...

It sounds like you're doing really well.

sheepish said...

So another illegal Sunday writing.
I feel a fine coming on!!!!!
See you later. Just off to post my MASSIVE word count but don't let me put you off.

sheepish said...

You have left me battered and bleating. Now you've got me mad, have you ever seen a mad woolly? well it's not a pretty sight. A bit like an out of shape cardie!!
See you next Sunday, the gloves are off now.
And going to the Movies on a Sunday, how decadent.

SueG said...

Keep it up, you're doing great!! And love the photo. xoxo

HelenMHunt said...

I love the concept of Book Smile. We all need a sign like that to sit and look at don't we.

DJ Kirkby said...

You're doing so well! I still don't get this whole writing at Starbucks thing though. I like writing in my PJ's and slippers, at home, of course. Oh why is there a rule about no Sunday writing? darn, that is half my writing time for the week. I am counting Sunday because that means I can boast almost 6000 words for this week's writing!

Lily Sheehan said...

Well done! I must try writing in Starbucks. They do the best coffee. I really love their giant mugs. It would make a change from my tip of a bedroom, which is being neglected because of my writing.