Thursday, September 10, 2009

Follow up to yesterday

  • Today one of our English Language newspapers, The Daily Xpress, has reported that in Bangkok alone, 63 babies have September 9 2009 on their birth certificates and two mothers underwent Caesarean sections to be sure that their babies were born on the dot of 9.09am.
  • In Chiang Rai, as the paper went to press, thirteen babies had been born and eight more women were hoping their babies would be born the right side of midnight. One of the thirteen babies was born at exactly 9.09am. His mother said ‘I think he must have accumulated huge merit in a past life.’
  • Thousands of couples who chose to register their marriages yesterday. In Bangkok’s district of Bang Rak (District of Love!) three hundred couples sought marriage certificates.


Queenie said...

Wow, aren't they superstitious!

I did go and kiss my Paramour at the appointed hour. He was fast asleep after a long late shift at work. We had a chat later.

Me: Do you remember me kissing you this morning?
Him: Yes. You woke me up.
Me: It was important, though, because it was 9.09 and 9 seconds on 9.9.09 and that's a very auspicious moment for doing whatever you want to continue doing so I chose to kiss you because I want to continue being with you more than anything else.
Him: But you woke me UP.

Romance may not be dead, but I don't think it's very well!

Pat Posner said...

I visited your blog too late to do anything special! I didn't even register the '9s' thing!

JJ Beattie said...

Queenie, lol. It was a lovely thought though. They really are very superstitious. It's fascinating.

Pat, never mind. You were probably doing something important anyway... writing? Dreaming?

Carol said...

I was painting...and attempting to stop lugs chasing the end of my paint brush!!

C x

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

9.09? I was marking Year 10 coursework none of which was remotely auspicious.

Instead I write in response to the mean and unnecessary mention of the word 'moist' in the post before last. I visit you so rarely - how could you do that to me?

And in response to the Mother Audio. In our house I have taken to issuing Memoranda.

Memo to: Eldest Daughter
CC: Father and Youngest Daughter
From: Mother
Subject: The Washing
Please be advised that with immediate effect the following criteria must be fulfilled IN TOTAL before any item of clothing is submitted for washing.
1. Item of clothing must actually be dirty.
2. Item of clothing must be unattached to any other item of clothing. eg. knickers to be separated from accompanying jodhpurs.
3. Item of clothing must be the right way out.
4. Item of clothing must be recognisable as an item of clothing, rather than a soggy bundled heap of fabric.

Please be advised that unless all four criteria are met, item will be returned to owner in original condition.

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

Can I also just add that the word verification letters I had to type in before I could make my last post were ... 'andshag' ... which I feel to be a rather presumptious instruction on the part of Google.

Debs said...

I was drinking coffee and trying to figure out something at work.

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, cats eh? They don't help, really do they?

HPOP, "Instead I write in response to the mean and unnecessary mention of the word 'moist' in the post before last. I visit you so rarely - how could you do that to me?" *whispers* I thought I might have got away with it... cos it makes me chuckle.

Hmmm, if I issued written commandments no-one would listen... Mind you, no-one's listening anyway, are they? I can see M's clothes though!

Debs, caffeine and thinking is good! You'll be alright with that.