Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A barrage of bottoms

Oh dear, I have rather a worrying number of elephant bottoms from which to choose. Here are my favourites: yes, I have favourites. Oh dear. Try not to judge too harshly.

The pair of bottoms belong to hippopotami - or perhaps they're hippobottomi - the others are self explanatory.

Note to reader: Monkey, dog and cat bottoms are NOT cute. Not even I find them cute - don't go there.

Tomorrow I promise to let you know how I'm getting on with my writing.


Jen said...

Oh, the hippo arses are my fave. Are you sure they're real though?

Not that I would accuse you of cheating us with wooden hippo arses, of course...

JJ said...

They really and truly are real. I took them (through glass) at the zoo in China. That's why they are a long way off and have a funny glare on the pic.

Carol and Chris said...

I have no idea why you like elephant bums!!! (although have to admit that I quite like the zebra's)

C x

Lane said...

The hippo's bots are so .....rounded.
Very J-Lo :))


High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

You can't beat a horse's bottom.

Well actually you can, and indeed should, if it misbehaves.

The best thing about them? No matter how big your own arse, the horse makes it look smaller.

A. Writer said...

You make me giggle! You really do! Only here can there be a post about animal's bottoms! Love it!

I do find the hippo's bottoms kinda cute!

JJ said...

Carol, the elephant bum thing is partly about all that lose skin, and the wrinkles (perhaps I'm getting ready to embrace age!)

Lane, nicely put, yes, very JLo.

HPoP, of course Zebra bum is closely related to Horse bum. There is a worrying health and safety issue attached to standing behind a horse to photograph it's bum... However, I think you may have put your finger on the issue of attraction: at no time standing in front of these specacular arses do I ever feel the need to ask 'Does my bum look big today?'

AWriter, I'm very pleased to make you chuckle; I hope you're laughing with me not at me. Oh it's okay, plenty of people laugh at me too!

BEAST said...

The title of this rather abstract post, with associated balloon reference (I'm sure intended), begs the question, What is the collective noun for bottoms? Apart for the obvious "pair of cheeks", I feel an appropriate word to better describe a pair of bottoms would be of major benefit to the English Language.

A Warble of Buttocks
A Brace of Bums
A Trumpet of Bottoms
An Association of Arses

More please...


Rebecca said...

I like the stripey one.

JJ said...

Oooh, man2, yes.

A booty of bums?
A bootilicious of bottoms?
A jumbo of butts? (esp for elephants)
An arse of bottoms?

Rebecca, aren't the stripes so bizarre? How perfect they are.