Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tribute to Benny's tail

We had bad news yesterday.

It made daughter cry.

Sometimes being away from home is so hard.

When we moved to Bangkok the hardest thing for daughter was saying goodbye to her cats, TC and Benny. BUT, husband's sister and her lovely husband said they would give them a home. Hurrah, we see them when we go home.

Last night Sister in law rang to say Benny had had a car accident (was he drinking and driving, again?). He was okay, but he'd had his jaw wired back together (Husband asked 'Is he drinking through a straw?). And his tail has died... So it had to come off. He has only a quarter of his tail left.

Interestingly, cats in Thailand have a genetic tail thing going on: that's to say they have wonky tails only about an inch long. So Benny would fit right in here - except for that thick coat.

Rest in peace Benny's tail.


Carol and Chris said...

ooohhhh the wee soul!!! I'm sure he'll be right as rain in a few weeks.

Tell Daughter not to worry.....Lugs copes very well without his tail and has lots of fun chasing Gai's (TC had better watch out!!)

C x

Jen said...

Aw, poor Benny's tail. Maybe it could be made into one of those draught excluder things for the bottom of a door?

(Best you don't pass my suggestion on to daughter, p'raps?) X

Lane said...

lol at Jen's suggestion:))

Poor old Benny.

We used to have a cat with one eye, one ear and FIV (although he had his tail). He was the happiest cat I've known.

Hope your daughter is ok:))

JJ said...

Carol, He will be, I'm sure. At least he's alive. And he won't be so quick to drive without due care and attention, after this!

Jen, you didn't take that very seriously, did you? Actually, they didn't spot after the accident that his tail had died - it was two weeks later and then the tail had gone all manky, so I don't think it WOULD make a very good draught excluder!

Lane, yes, our best friends have a cat called Jake who has three legs - he was called Jake when he had four legs so he's just fulfilled his destiny - but he's very happy and copes really well.


Flowerpot said...

oh I'm so sorry but at least he's saved. Having had terrible cat traumas recently, I really sympathise.

JJ said...


Yes, definitely. Saved, at vast expense...

Still. He's gorgeous, isn't he?


A. Writer said...

He's adorable! I'm a huge cat fan! It's sad that he's lost his tail but I'm glad he's okay otherwise!

Rebecca said...

the cats in Indonesia (millions of 'em!) had that short, stubby tail thing too. I thought it was because people cut them off....

liz fenwick said...

He's gorgeous and I'm so pleased he's saved even if his tail isn't. Hugs to your dd.

BTW read something that might help you or not.....remember the first draft is for you then you revise for the reader. So just write :-)

JJ said...

A.Writer, you are my friend forever (anyone who acknowledges his beauty... isn't he though?) He's so fine, no tail, so what?

Rebecca, that's exactly what we thought when we came to Thailand, but we've since read it's a genetic thing. Very odd, though.

Thanks Liz (oh but isn't he beautiful? Sorry, mustn't go on and on)but thanks for the advice too. My post today (not written quite yet) is a bit more positive!


Caroline said...

ooooooooooh my little Boots has his tail off some weeks ago now and is fine. It'll all be fine

Caroline said...

apologies for my inability to type!
Oh and Boots is a cat ...


One of those days!