Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bras not Bottoms

The Smoochie Smoochie party was lovely. I purchased a bra in ‘slut’s red’ or that’s what I called it last night, but today I noticed on the label that it’s called the altogether classier ‘persian red.’ And I ordered three or four more bras too.

(Can I clear up a little … confusion here … someone mentioned ‘toys’ in relation to my underwear party. I’d like to inform you it was a very legitimate and sophisticated party with no ‘toys’ of any dubious nature. Bugger.)

I was sad to leave the party though. (I like women friends – it’s taken me years to realise how much I like my women friends. Husband’s always been my best friend, but, you know, he’s a man…and that isn’t quite the same.) But if I’d stayed I would’ve drunk too much wine and had a terrific hangover this morning. And I thought the Soi Dogs needed me! Ha, hilarious thought. I arrived during the last round and couldn’t really get my head in gear to be any help at all. I gave them one answer of ‘King Herod’, but I don’t think it was correct. We came third from bottom. *Sigh.*

I missed a meeting today – the time had changed so many times that I didn’t have it in my diary. Stupid woman.

Next I went to the Hospital to meet some of Husband’s colleagues: Husband’s secretary just had her first baby. Ahh, baby was very sweet and made me feel broody for about 3 minutes, until I remembered.

I’m afraid I haven’t done anything else with my day, except bask in the feeling of being happier, which is lovely. No writing to report. Will try again tomorrow.


Carol and Chris said...

I don't care what that bra label was definately slut red!!!

Glad your feeling happier :-)

C x

Jen said...

Ooh, Slut Red sounds HOT!

Spending a day being happy sounds quite delicious. Well done that girl X

Lane said...

Slut red bras
Soi dogs

I'm building up a picture here:))

Sounds like a v. nice day btw x

JJ said...

Carol, It's 'Persian Red' thank you! she says primly.

Jen, it's very tasteful!

Lane, Oooh, wouldn't it be fun to be that woman for a while?


Helen Shearer said...

Not that I'm an expert on sluts or reds, but I'm quite sure that in order for it to qualify as truly slutty, it must be trimmed in cheap, itchy black lace and the matching knickers must be thong cut.

JJ said...

Well, Helen, that's me out then, Dammit, I was going to run round Bangkok, being that woman today. Oh no, on reflection, I don't think I'm going to stand much chance against the beauties here!

Sadly, 'matronly' fits me much better. Still I can dream.


Carol and Chris said...

Matronly does not fit you much better!!! There are a few people I can think of that could be described as are not one of them!!

(and can't wear a bra that colour and describe yourself as matronly!!)

C x

JJ said...

Okay, Carol, it's a deal. Let's go back to Slut's Red!
How was Mrs B's?

Carol and Chris said...

Yummy!!! No Dahl unfortunately (may be rectifying that) but learned how to make absolutely gorgeous pakora with peppers, cheese and a very spicy mint sauce......sounds horrible but they were to die for!!

If your lucky I might just make you some.....

C x