Monday, September 10, 2007

Worried from Bangkok

I don’t have much to say today.

In fact I’ve been a bit dry for a while (that’s dry of words, rather than alcohol dry, which sadly I haven’t been. Possibly, I’ve annihilated so many brain cells with my non dryness that I no longer have enough cells left to think what to blog about.)

I’ve been struggling with the concept of writing my novel: I mean I actually have to write, don’t I?

I can’t justify my place here if all I do is talk about it. It won’t write itself.

On Friday last week at the Novel Racers coffee Helen asked us who inspired us. What I thought and kind of said was that anyone who just got on and did it, inspired me. I could name names but I won’t because I’ll name the ones I visit and forget about others who are getting on and writing, and then I’ll offend people.



I’ve asked around, and no-one wants to write it for me.

Either I actually, really, positively have to do it, or I have to shut up.

And I rather like it here.



Lane said...

'Worried from Suffolk' feels much the same way. (Doesn't sound so glam though). I gave myself a good talking to last night and have vowed to have the first draft finished by Christmas. That is of course, unless life throws up any little surprises (oh I've probably jinxed it now!)

Even if I fall short of the intended length, I don't care. I just want to get it down. So just keep at it Mrs...:))

And *here* is a very nice place isn't it:))

liz fenwick said...

JJ you belong with us weather you are writing or not but get bl..dy writing anyway :-)

Helen said...

Love Liz's advice! You have done so well lately it is hardly surprising that things are slowing down. Set yourself a target of 100, 200 or even 300 words a day.Really small chunks. Start with 100. You could do that couldn't you?

Sometimes the hardest thing is starting. I used to find clicking on 'File' 'Open' the hardest thing(still do but I'm now 'researching' - I love researching).

Carol and Chris said...

JJ - I KNOW that you can write and that what you will produce at the end of this journey will be worth reading - you just need to give yourself a bit of a break!! You'll have good days and bad days but you know what....your one of those people who is sitting down and getting on with it!! You have 16,000 words....and counting....bloody hell woman that's a great achievement!! (Not what I would call someone who just talks about it!!)

C x

A. Writer said...

I like Helen advice. Set yourself small targets each day and build them up. There's no time limit on writing and to be able to enjoy it is the key. Don't put pressure on yourself. You're doing great!

I agree with lane and you. 'Here' is a good place. I'd be lost without it.

Jen said...

Mmm, yes, what Helen said. It's getting off the starting blocks - actually writing the words we've got inside us.

This won't cheer you up at all but I read yesterday that Lisa Jewell manages 5,000 words a day, plus an extra 1,000 in the afternoon if her baby has a nap.

I can't imagine ever being able to churn that many words out. As the others have said, just a few hundred words a day adds up.

And anyway, 'here' wouldn't be the same without you.

Chill Girlie!


Jon M said...

you can do. Just write a little. Chip, chip, chip away. The writing police aren't going to come and get you if you slow down a little or even stop and enjoy the view for a while! :-)

JJ said...

Helloooo all

Thank you lovelies for your replies. Not so much a wobble as a big sigh...

Lane, 'Worried from Suffolk' sounds just lovely - are you near the sea? I went on a family cycling holiday in Suffolk three or so years ago. I can vouch for the fact that Suffolk is NOT flat.

Thank you Liz, and I did. I was shamed: I took out my contact lenses, put on my glasses, changed into my pyjamas, and wrote 250 words... It was a bit late for any more.

Helen, thank you too. I did write a few words. I could set a smaller limit, then feel good about hitting or surpassing it, rather than feeling like I'm wringing out 1000 words!

I love researching too.

Carol, thank you honey. Please tell me again tomorrow...

A.Writer, thank you. I like it here too. I can't do it without you all...

Jen, BLEEDING 'ELL girl, you trying to give me a heart attack? Yes some words are better than no words.

Jon, WRITING POLICE? WRITING POLICE? Oh my god, are you sure the won't come and get me? Do we have them in Thailand?

Graeme K Talboys said...

What they said.

And don't fret, cos that makes it more difficult. (from the Easier-Said-Than-Done Advice Book).

Angie said...

I agree with all the above. Well done on the 250 words. Like Helen said, starting is the hardest part. Hang in there - we all know you can do it!

JJ said...

Graeme and Angie

Thank you both. Graeme, please could you send me a copy of that book? Or at least the isbn?

Angie, Starting, doing, it's all difficult...


CTaylor said...

Don't you dare question your place in the novel racers! I know it says 'racers' but it's not about speed really - it's about the need to write and the determination (no matter how long it takes).

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets an attack of the guilts though I have to say because the amount of editing I've done is pitiful and there's still so much more to do (but I'm finding it hard to drum up the enthusiasm). Fits and starts is better than nothing at all.

Take the pressure off yourself. Remember the "I have permission to write crap" mantra. Or the one I tried to fool myself with "This novel is just for me. It's practice. No one else in the world is ever going to see it" If you can convince yourself that is true the words will come much more easily.

JJ said...

Thanks Cally

It's good advice actually, no-one ever does need to see it.

I did always say that I was only ever racing against me, but ... well, I still need to make progress. I WILL get there.