Sunday, September 23, 2007

We are a democratic family ... mostly

There are many defining moments in being a parent.

Last night I had a defining moment that gave me great joy. We decided to watch a movie as a family, and sent the children off to compile a short list.

We parents came in as the short list was being assembled, and we added a few that we thought the children might now be ready for. (They are 11 and 13).

The long shortlist was read out and everyone called out a ‘no’ to those they really didn’t want to see. We were left with four film titles:
  • Rainman (only seen once, but loved it)
  • Tootsie (seen approximately 48 times – still not enough)
  • The Truman Show (seen 3 times, never stayed awake to the end)
  • Johnny English (oh dear, once really was enough)

Daughter gave us each two pieces of paper to write our first and second choices on which she collected up and called out the results.

Tootsie and The Truman Show came in tied first place (Sorry, Husband, I confess to tactical voting by avoiding Rainman – didn’t want to split the vote!)

We voted again. (Complicated first and second placings in previous round meant that it wasn’t a foregone conclusion that it would be two votes each.)

It was two votes each.

Son pulled a title out of a hat: Tootsie won.

Tootsie is my tippity top all time favourite film.

Maybe it was a bit early for Daughter at 11. She enjoyed it but didn’t get it all.

But Son, he laughed. He loved it. He loved my favourite film. It gave me great pleasure to share it with him. I can't wait to show him The Shawshank Redemption.


Helen said...

ooh Tootsie was on the TV last night. I've never seen it and I'm annoyed I didn't have chance to set recorder!

It's great when they reach a certain age and you can share things with them you have loved in the past. I'm currently reading The Faraway Tree to my son by Enid Blyton. He is loving it, just like I did.

JJ said...

Oh, Helen if you get the chance to hire it - do. It's a lovely film. It continues to make me howl with laughter even after all the times I've seen it.

Dustin Hoffman looked very phwoar in it too!

Jen said...

Oh, watching films together is the best! I made No 1 son watch Four Weddings and a Funeral when he was ill - he loved it! Haven't seen The Shawshank Redemption for years. Shall be hitting the one-click thingummyjig forthwith.

Tippety top. I like that. X

JJ said...

Jen, it is great. So often the TV is used to keep them out of mischief while I'm doing something else, but it's lovely when we can watch something we all enjoy.

My kids have watched and loved Pride and Prejudice too - both the keira knightley film and the Colin 'Fwoarth' BBC one.

I think there's a rather nasty attack scene in Shawshank that means Son can't yet watch it - a couple of years maybe... but Four weddings is a great idea.


Jen said...

Oh, if only my beasts would watch P&P. Oceans Eleven went down well. Killing and cleverness are what my boys like.

Am rather disappointed that you have confessed in public to owning a Mr Bean DVD. Hang your head in shame!! ;0)

JJ said...

Yeah, you're probably right, Jen. We actually saw it at the cinema and the kids STILL wanted to get it!

I think Son likes killing and things. Oceans 11 is a good one. Daughter doesn't like killing!

I don't think Son will be too impressed I've outed him liking P&P! Ooops.


High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

Surely the time has come to introduce son at least to Blackadder. Then you can all happily share the "you're so clever your foot will fall off" in-jokes and the long winter evenings will just fly by.

JJ said...

HPoP, yes, won't he just love those? You're so right. Well, apart from the long winter evenings, which we just don't get here...

BEAST said...

Tactical voting eh, well I can forgive, but I'll never forget.

I don't often see Dustin Hoffman and phwoar in the same sentence. Short and crooked usually, "interesting" maybe. This is Rizzo from Midnight Cowboys right? phwoar he is not!

What does that say about your choice of husband.

Man3 (as Dustin has clearly taken my place at #2)

JJ said...

Hello husband, I think it's probably the first time I've seen Dustin Hoffman in anything and thought 'phwoar', but I have to say that's exactly what I said (in my head) last night. I do, after all, like a man with a big... nose. I do. I like big noses, it's kind of a gallic thing, I think.

Carol and Chris said...

LOL - Brilliant post JJ. Tootsie is also one of my all time fav films (I've not seen it in years!!. I'm not surprised Son loved it.

Ooohhhh you have the Colin Firth BBC version. Can I borrow it? The scene when he come out the lake all wet and moody....(Chris and I went to that castle when we lived in Manchester. He told me off for looking at the lake with longing!!)

You know what they say about men with big noses....or is that big feet?

C x

JJ said...

Ooooh, I love Tootsie. I've been known to watch it, and wind it back and watch it again.

Oh my, the Colin Firth BBC one. Well, I might let you borrow it, but I think you'll have to leave some kind of guarantee with me... just to ensure it comes back.

I don't know about that, Carol, Big noses, big handkerchiefs?

Angie said...

Oooh, JJ, I too have the Colin Firth P&P (yum!) as well as the new one. Glad to hear son liked it, even if you outed him. ;)
Haven't seen Tootsie, but it looks funny, so I'll have to rent it. Thanks for the tip.

Rebecca said...

something to look forward to with my kids....
The shawshank redemption is my partners favourite movie of all time....he watches it every year!

JJ said...

Angie, Tootsie is very funny. I love it. One of my children asked while we watch it 'How did they make all the extras in the film look so old fashioned?' While we both fell about laughing, we explained that it was made around 27 years ago (OH MY GOD).

Rebecca, yes, it's a lovely thing to do, though I guess some way off for you! Shawshank has some rather harrowing prison scenes, so I don't think I'll be sharing that one just yet. But it was a real revelation to see him enjoying it.