Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

For some time I have been thinking about getting something made in perspex for my desk. I know it’s possible to do this because when I was at art college I had a perspex box made by some lovely men in Hertfordshire to show one of my sculptures.

But now, I live in Bangkok.

I had a go at googling it and I got a list of companies who have something to do with perspex, but I didn’t really want to go on an Odysseus type quest that could take ten years. So I asked around at all those lovely people that over time have said ‘if you need any help, just ask.’ But it didn’t get me anywhere: I think they meant ‘if you need directions to the mall’ or something.

I am like one of those terrier dogs that won’t let go of an idea once I’ve had it (that’s the only resemblance between me and the terrier dog – if I really had to say what dog I resembled it would probably be a slightly overweight chocolate Labrador: but they’re cute, yeah?) Anyway, I wasn’t prepared to put the idea down: I NEED it, okay? Maybe I can’t write ‘til I get it.

So I asked husband to ask at work. I reminded him again, and then I started nagging, until today he issued a ‘beer to the person with the first correct answer’ type mission by email. (He’s a very innovative boss, can you tell?)

And now I have this:

Ekasilp Perspex Co., Ltd.179-181 Mitraphan Road Pomprap Pomprap Bangkok 10100 Tel : 662-222-5359Fax : 662-224-6268

I rise to the challenge, at least I think I might…

Where is Mitraphan Road? That postcode is the same as my postcode, but I’ve never heard of Pomprap. I know Prompong and Prommitr… I look on my Nancy Chandler map. I can’t find it.

Anyway, once I went over the river to an uncharted-by-Nancy-Chandler area. I was looking for waxed thread (it's a long story – oh right, bookbinding, okay?) I had a hand drawn map from a Thai girl, she couldn’t tell me which shop, or even which street (soi) but she drew an area on the map for me, and said ‘it’s one of those sois…’

It made me realise how unexplored Bangkok is to me. I frequent the same areas all the time, but this area was Foreign and so was I. They didn’t understand me when I said in Thai ‘Do you speak English?’ So I pottered about going in and out of shops, being watched like a circus attraction.

I’ve decided to accept the mission, though I have to do a spot of research first. I may be gone some time.


Lane said...

Do you mean a perspex desk like those cool coffee tables? If so you'll be able to write and see your feet at the same time:))
Good luck with you quest x

JJ said...

I mean a perspex 'table' that will stand snugly over my printer so that I have more storage space on top of it. I just don't have enough room on my desk for all my crap. It's a bee in my bonnet, now. *sigh*

Anonymous said...
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Jon M said...

I think you should get this whole thing into perspextive...ho ho ho

Jen said...

Oh, I'm grumpy that I didn't think of a snazzy comment like Jon's!

I quite like obsessing over obscure, unobtainable stuff. Am looking forward to hearing about your resulting adventures in undiscovered Bangkok :)


JJ said...

Jon, Ha ha ha. This is very serious. Cannot write without it...

Jen, hopefully I come back to report the story!

Carol and Chris said...

Why do I get the feeling that a phone call is coming my way during which the statement will be uttered 'Do you fancy a trip to Mitraphan Road?'

Actually I wouldn't mind - perhaps they sell the large sheets of vinyl I need to make my Wall Art......

C x

BEAST said...

And while you are both there, perhaps you could pick up some latex pants for me too.

oops, did I just say that out loud.

(not Man 1 anymore, now I have been put in my place :-(

sheepish said...

Some people will do absolutely anything to get out of writing. I should know, I'm even pretending to be a dog now[on my blog that is]. And I tidied my desk[aka dining table] yesterday just in case I found enough time to write.
Anyway good luck with your quest. I'm off to find some more pens just in case I run out mid sentence!!!

Rebecca said...

I lived in Jakarta for 2 1/2 years in my twenties teaching english. I had a very limited knowledge of the city (and the REAL culture and food)until I started seeing an Indonesian bloke in my secind year there. He showed me parts of the city, and introduced me to so much of the culture, that I would never have seen otherwise.

Good luck on your mission - Hope you make it back ok. :)

JJ said...

Really, I've been trying to ignore the comments about vinyl and latex pants - and they're not even spam ... I know these people!

Hi Sheepish (still trying to ignore Carol and Beast). You're right Sheepish, got me bang to rights about the avoidance tactics!

Rebecca, that's really the only way. It's difficult to see that side of things as an expat. We go out with some of Husband's colleagues and get to see the other side of life. I've never wanted to be a five star expat type. I venture out on my own to this type of place because then no-one knows if you made an eejit of yourself. And so what if I do?

Carol and Chris said...

Hey.....I didn't say anything about pants!!

I'm still traumatised at the thought!!

C x