Friday, September 14, 2007

Need to be braver

This week I interviewed the first person for the article I’m planning.

I was very excited because I bought an electronic recorder for the job. It’s a bit like stationery – you know, it kind of 'did it' for me!

I know my interviewee socially and I wanted an organic discussion rather than a long list of questions. Because we know one another, that’s exactly what we did: we sat and chatted about the subject. When her answer threw another subject up, I could just ask that question next.

I know how I feel about the theme in question, but I want to find out what other women think about it, and I didn’t want to prescribe her answers with specific questions. I don’t know if that’s a good idea – my ‘how to' book on the subject (I kid you not!) said I should have a list of questions…

I’ve chosen a random-ish group of women, and until I hear what they all say I won’t know exactly what direction the article will go in.

The interview/chat went rather well.


I think that because I knew her a bit, I didn’t ask one or two of the really personal questions…

I think I may have to become braver.


Jen said...

Oh, I'd grab the chance of asking all the personal questions! You can always brush it off by saying that 'it's what other people want to know' or somesuch?

Am very proud of you doing an interview. I'm peeing my pants about going out with friends tonight. Pathetic.

We both need Brave Knickers!!

Lane said...

I think you're very brave to interview at all, especially people you know. Maybe you could drop the more personal questions into casual conversation:))

Jen- where can I buy these Brave Knickers. I need 'em:))

JJ said...

Damn it, where to get those brave knickers? I suspect one or two of my interviewees may be blind drunk... that might help. Oh no, it's me that needs to be blind drunk.

Did you have a lovely time at your party? I bet you did and you probably had no need for brave knickers!

Lane, thank you for considering me brave. I do need to ask those nitty gritty questions though... Got the next interview on Monday.


Carol and Chris said...

I think you should just ask (If you don't ask you don't get as my Gran says!!). If someone doesn't want to answer the question they'll soon tell you.....

Brave Knickers....where were they when I needed them last week!!

C x

liz fenwick said...

Just ask..all they can say is piss off! Brave knickers.....are thye big knickers?