Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No more mention of Bangkok nightlife

It must be two weeks ago that I was told off on my comments for lambasting myself over not writing. I know it’s two weeks because the Bangkok Women’s Writers’ Group has made its fortnightly appearance in my diary tonight.

In that post I issued myself with: “a get writing deadline or quit this pretending to write thing.”

Now *collects thoughts* I have made some ‘progress.’ I have purchased, over several different shopping expeditions, thousands of index cards … and … AND, wait, oh ye of little doubt, I HAVE written on 50 of them. Now. That’s not bad.

I’m not in to flagellation (though I dare say one could acquire that kind of service somewhere in my adopted city … oh bugger. I was trying really hard not to mention BK’s saucy nightlife as I seem to have scared off quite a lot of commentators … or are they away over Easter?)

*Clears throat* So, no I’m not into flagellation, but two weeks HAVE slipped past and it is only four weeks until I come to the UK …(Hurrah, *does a little dance* phew, thank god there’s no webcam), and I want to remind myself of my “get writing deadline or quit this pretending to write thing.”

I was particularly scared and upset by the lovely Pacha’s post about her decision to quit blogging, because she wasn’t writing because she was blogging, and … well … yes …I do understand this. If I didn’t blog, maybe I would write more. But I love to come here and do this. Still, it's important to remember that this is what might happen if I don't write.

Having issued myself with this deadline, I got a bit worried by the time slipping by (though I’ve done lots of website stuff recently) so I spent most of yesterday drafting two main characters. One of whom, I can see and feel now, where I couldn’t before, which is fab. And today, I’m going to carry on. And not blog; well, apart from this, and saying hello to people occasionally…


Carol and Chris said...

Go JJ Go - we all know you can do it!!

C x

Lane said...

But I like mention of Bangkok nightlife:-)

Seriously though, 50 index cards is great. Keep going:-)

Helen said...

Don't be distracted by me, I'm just passing through to say you're doing really well.


K.Imaginelli said...

Good job on the index cards tea stains. And getting to know a character is super important. All of this work will lead to pages soon!

Leigh said...

Excellent progress, JJ. You sound like you're getting really stuck into it! Keep Going!

(p.s. Did you get my email, re Novel Racers' meet, the other day?)

Yvonne said...

Snap - I decided today that I wouldn't blog until I met my deadline! Best of luck to both of us then!

Debs said...

Fifty index cards is good work. It all helps towards the final draft too.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Hi, I found my way here from Larie's blog. I know that feeling of procastination and doing any old displacement activity other than doing the book. Good luck with it - I like your writing style so it will be an ineesting read when you get it done.

JJ said...

Carol, thank you. You have enough faith in me for both of us.

Lane, it is a funny old place. I think it was Easter related though, not because everyone was offended.

Helen, hey, thank you. Your comment made me giggle because I did stop to read your email as it plopped into the invox!

K.Imaginelli, thank you. I am hoping so and have some faith at last that it will lead to pages.

Leigh, I so hope so. No I didn't. I've searched my junk folder too. Can you resend it please?

Yvonne, Yes, good luck to both of us.

Debs, thank you. I was a bit pleased with that.

MenopausalOldBag - ha love your name. Welcome and thank you very much. I am trying pretty hard to get on with it now.

SpiralSkies said...

Sounds as if writing on the index cards is the thing that works for you - kind of makes the whole thing into more manageable bites?

I like a slice of your nightlife too. I'm trying to be a writer so I don't get out much meself... :(

Seriously, you're doing fine.

wordtryst said...

I also like mention of Bangkok nightlife. Especially since I went off and did some research on - uh - Dundee, and stumbled on some amazing reminiscences.