Thursday, March 27, 2008

Things I need to ask myself on this morning after:


Whose idea was last night?

Why doesn’t my tongue fit in my mouth anymore?

Where did all my money go?

What happened to my contact lens?

I'm never drinking again.


sheepish said...

Hi it's good to be back. I haven't written anything remotely original since the beginning of Jan so don't be hard on yourself. And don't worry about the occasional drinking spree as that is one thing I have managed on a far too regular basis over the past few weeks. Now I just have to work out how I get back into some sort of normality again. And what is normality after all.
I feel like asking everyone to give me the highlights of their blogs, but no I will just have to spend time reading them!!!!!!!!!! Oh and by the way you should try reading your word verification after a glass or two of wine.

Helen said...

I thought it was quiet over at tea stains today!

Cal said...

Ha! Loved your post on the novel racers meet up blog. It made me laugh out loud. A quality example of drunken typing - it almost made ME see double! ;o)

I recommend coffee, diet coke, a fry up and lots of chocolate. Oh and a big lie down!

A. Writer said...

Like Cal, I nearly wet myself at your post on the Novel Racers Meet Blog. So funny! Well done for managing to type though - I'd struggle!

Hope you drank lots of water today.

Lane said...

Any g-strings in your gin?:-)

Leigh said...

I'm never drinking again, and other unattainable ambitions...!

Chin up (supported by the loo seat if necessary).
You'll feel better tomorrow!

(Email sent again a couple of days ago. Am beginning to think that your spam filter has something against me. Try ST instead.)

laurie said...

ah, a fun night!

i have asked myself those very questions many times. though, sadly, not lately. maybe i'm due.

Carol and Chris said...

hahahahah - I am now feeling really smug that I was a good girl and went home!!

C x

Debs said...

I do sympathize and say that practically every time I drink too much.