Sunday, March 02, 2008


I couldn’t come and blog yesterday because I would’ve said horrible things, and only a week or so ago, I posted that I was a nice person. Yesterday I wasn’t nice.

But, being not at all nice yesterday gave me a subplot I hadn’t already got, so I’m trying to persuade myself that I was doing a sort of 'method acting' version of collecting ideas. Have I convinced anyone?

I’ve worked hard all day on artwork. Carola Crayon and I have got our next commission for artwork (poster, tickets etc) for a big lunch for 300. It has a theme and I felt inspired so I started doing some stuff on it. The theme is tippity top secret, so I can’t tell you what it is yet.

I’ve got lots of website stuff to do too. But, as mentioned last post, I now have another assistant who’s doing the stuff I inherited when Susan deserted to Delhi (Hello Susan, *waves* - she lurks.) So finally I can get on with redesigning the front page and updating my book club pages – woefully neglected. It’s also been raised (again; damn it, it just won’t go away) that we have a noticeboard… this would need to be updated weekly, which I could do without, but it’s my ‘job’ so there we go.

I’m such a butterfly brain. I’ve been away and done something else about three times while I’m writing this. Perhaps if I concentrated on one thing at a time I’d get more done.

Maybe I should work all evening on the website stuff and then I’ll be freer tomorrow afternoon…
I WANT TO GET ON AND WRITE. Or at least plan.

I think from now on, I'm going to have to call all my posts "Miscellanea" because this is all so disjointed and woolly.


Yvonne said...

I'm dying to hear you say horrible things - I hope you post next time! ;)
Sounds like you have so much on, I always feel panicky when that happens, like I'm losing control. But you've done loads already! (And I love it when I look forward to writing. It happens so rarely!)

SpiralSkies said...

There's nothing wrong with 'woolly' - it's an essential for keeping us warm...

Anyway, you're getting things done, just in a roundabout way which can often generate oomph in surprising places!


Leigh said...

This could have been my post.
I sympathise!
I like the idea of 'method acting'; I'll remember that excuse next time I'm feeling ratty - [sigh] tomorrow, I guess...

JJ said...

Oooh Yvonne, you'd lose all respect for the upstanding member of the community I'm trying to be! I had BAD thoughts.

Jen, Woolly is indeed essential. After my sickness wearing woolly slippers last week I'm thinking of keeping the air con so cold I always need to wear them.

All the deadlines are quite soon (aaagh) so at least it'll all be out the way fairly soon!

Leigh, glad to be of service in providing you with an excuse! There's nothing worse than being tired (and therefore bad tempered,in my case) because your nights are constantly disturbed my small children!

I reckon Daughter disturbed me roughly every 7 minutes throughout Sunday morning - still, at least it's only the waking hours!


Carol and Chris said...

LOL....I know what those horrible things were!!

C x

JJ said...

Shhhh! Carol, they don't know what a horrible woman I can be!