Friday, March 28, 2008

Remember 'Spot the Ball'?

If YOU can see my contact lens on my bathroom floor, draw a circle around it and send it back to me.

Whoever is the closest (and remember, I don't know where it is yet) you will win my eternal gratitude.

In truth, I am still feeling a little bit under the weather. Getting drunk is not big and it's not clever.

I'm sorry.


laurie said...

sorry; no luck outta me. but i'm fairly blind myself.

getting drunk is fun at the time, usually. but the older i get the more i find the aftermath isn't worth the fun. it's an enormous waste of time, getting over it.

here's to quick recovery. drink LOTS of water. that's what your body needs.

Debs said...

Nope, can't see it. Sorry.

I hope you're feeling much better today.

Lane said...

Hope you've recovered .... and found your lens:-)

My eyesight's not good enough to spot it I'm afraid:-)

JJ said...

Laurie, Hmmm, I'm not even sure that it's that much fun at the time ... I definitely don't think it's worth two days aftermath. I do, however, feel fantastic today (which is probably just feeling normal, but by comparison!)

Debs, feeling excellent today. I must remember 'it's not worth it' next time.

Lane, oh bugger, lens is gone for good. I'm trotting off down the road to get some disposables and then when I come to the UK I will replace my gas permeables!

Leigh said...

This reminds me of looking for a tooth in the playground (belonging to small boy's friend). I'm please to report that we found it, so perhaps there's hope for the lens yet...