Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Two Posts in One Day

I am beyond excited. I'm fizzing, quietly in my chair.

Speaking is difficult – good thing I’m typing.

I’m visiting England: for 11 days, on my own. 22 April – Monday 5th.



And, I have drafted, scene by scene, the first four chapters of my novel.

Oh god, the excitement. I might have to order falafels, tomato salad and babaghanoush to celebrate.


PS. Neice passed her 11+. Hurrah.


Helen said...

Great news JJ. And its not long to go either.

Well done on the writing. I am most envious. My eyes are streaming too much to write.

Mel said...

Yay hurrah hurrah! That is so exciting..both bits :-) The time will fly by and you'll be over there before you know it. My mouth is just watering thinking about the falafel!

Pacha said...

Oh I can feel your exciement from over here. That's brilliant news!!!

Lane said...

Brilliant news jj! It's good to hear you fizzing!

Enjoy your falafel:-) x

Yvonne said...

That's brilliant news!

Caroline said...

Fab news! What will you do in the UK? I wish I was having a launch then :(


L-Plate Author said...

Great news on the novel front. You can do it J, just a chapter at a time and you'll be there in no time xx

K.Imaginelli said...

Congrats on the trip to London and on getting 4 chs of your novel written. Yay!

KAREN said...

It's lovely when a plan comes together :o)

Carol and Chris said...

You will have a ball - it's good to get some time on your own to see the people you want to see and do the stuff you want to do without worrying about everyone else!!

C x

SueG said...

Thanks for sharing all this with us! Keep it coming.....

Jude said...

Good for you on both counts. Exciting times ahead!

J xx

Leigh said...

Four chapters? That's the stuff!!!!

What will you be doing? Where will you be going? Are you available for socialising?

wordtryst said...

Congrats to your niece. My nephew's is later this month.

I'm impressed... you're forging ahead with the writing, unlike lazy unsettled moi. I hope this inspires me to be more productive.

I too can feel you excitement. Great news on all fronts!

JJ said...

Helen, are you feeling better yet? Hopefully I'll crack on this week too.

Ooh, Mel, I had it. I ordered it to be delivered. Dear god, how easy (dangerous) is that?

Pacha, thank you.

Lane, thank you and I did. So yum.

Yvonne, thank you.

Caroline, oooh, Caroline, so do I. How selfish of you not to! ;-D

L-Plate, thank you. Yes, steady steps is what I have to do.

K Imaginelli, thanks. (four chapters outlined, though, not written ... yet) Watch this space!

Karen, thank you.

Carol, I cannot wait.

SueG, thanks for reading too.

Jude, thank you, yes it is. I'm so excited.

Leigh, thanks - I hope I'll get there. Good question; Going to kent to the folks; and Yes. See Novel Racers blog!

Wordtryst, thanks. It is exciting, but I am trying to fit in with lots of other stuff!