Thursday, March 13, 2008

Planning and Planning

Thanks for the supportive comments.

I’m not feeling too bad about the writing thing. Now that I’ve got going on the index cards and have acknowledged Julia (Bell)’s comment at Christmas that I do have to make decisions in order to write a story, I am scribbling away on the little cards. The pile is growing, and I’m now stapling bits of paper with my original notes on to the back of some of them (so the reference is there).

It appears that I may be a writer who needs a fairly detailed plan. That’s okay with me; I’m delighted to discover anything about my process. I always sort of knew it, but couldn’t work out how … how.

Right I’m off. I’m not navel gazing today. I’m going to write index cards, staple bits of notes to them, and chuck them in piles of Act One, Two and Three.

See ya all.

PS Okay it’s Manchester. Sunday 27th April. Check out Lazy P’s comment on Novel Racers about booking two weeks in advance for £13 tickets to Manchester - I think you need to nominate which train you'll be on for this deal. Please confirm your attendance! More information to follow.


Yvonne said...

Nothing wrong with being a writer who needs a plan JJ, it will probably save you a lot of rewriting! I can't start without a plan either but I often change my mind as the characters develop - it's all good though, I just remind myself that I can fix it in the rewrite. Good luck!!!

Helen said...

I love to plan too JJ. It makes me feel like I'm in control! Planning is good, especially if you feel like you are making progress with it. Keep going.

Lazy Perfectionista said...

Hi JJ I'm having IT problems (long story) so can't see your email address on your profile. Mine is eleanor dot steele at gmail dot com and I'm happy to help out with organising stuff!

Lane said...

Glad you've worked out a plan jj. Coffee shop writing must agree with you.

I'm keeping my eye on the Racers meet up. Can't commit at the moment but maybe nearer the time. xx

Carol and Chris said...

Hope it went well today hon.

C x

Leigh said...

Plans are good. They are what stop you fucking it all up, and spending the rest of your life on Planet Edit.

I'm on for the NR meet!

L-Plate Author said...


I plan about 30 A4 pages before I start to write. I do character biogs and storylines, then bullet point them into a beginning, middle and end. Then I try and do chapters and once I start writing as part of that chapter outline I know I'm ready. Doesn't suit anyone but works for the Virgo sitting on my shoulder.

Actually reading it back, I don't half sound anal but it works for me and like Yvonne, it never comes out all the same all the way through! Good luck again xx