Sunday, May 18, 2008

Filthy Bad Mood

I had time to write today. Husband was out golfing; Daughter had lots of homework and Son … well, was not doing any homework or revision or anything that could be construed as useful – still he was quiet.

And I, stupidly, let a filthy bad mood stop me writing. I know that I should’ve written filthy bad mood type writing, but I couldn’t even do that.

I finished The Gathering. It reminded me of conversations I had with my sister while I was in the UK recently: we are close in age and yet remember totally different things about our childhood. We talked while she drove me around because I was nearly blind (following the contact lens saga) and all our memories are so intertwined and yet also so unreliable. We looked after a horse called Blue for a while, and one of us fell off him along the side of a road we drove down, and neither of us could remember which of us it was. We couldn't even decide how old we were when we did this.

Filthy Bad Mood was dissipated by Iron Man at the cinema, bizarrely. It was very silly but quite fun. Hopefully I will be able to write tomorrow.

Now I have the pleasure of starting a new book; what shall I choose?


Angie said...

It is so hard to write through a bad mood. Glad the movie dissipated it. Husband wants to see that one as well.

What are your choices? (Picking a new book is so exciting!)

Yvonne said...

I have to pick a new book too! Not sure which one yet.

I find it impossible to write through a bad mood unless it's an angry scene I'm working on. Glad the film did the job - I've heard great things about it!

JJ said...

Angie and Yvonne, I'm so glad I'm not alone in that. I really felt like I'd wasted time - but I was so bad tempered I couldn't do anything else!

Angie, I've got a TBR pile as tall as I am. I went for The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Julia Bell recommended it to me when we met in London a couple of weeks ago.

Yvonne, Which book have you chosen?

Carol and Chris said...

It's hard to be creative when your in a bad mood - you probably did the right thing and let the mood pass!!

Glad you liked Iron Man - I thought it was a really great beer and pizza movie (and I still think he's rather lovely - even with the bad facial hair!!)

C x

wordtryst said...

Popped by to remind you that author/literary agent/writing coach Orna Ross will be stopping by my blog today and will answer (on Monday) any questions left in the comment trail. You're welcome to drop in!

JJ said...

Carol, I quite enjoyed the
bad facial hair!

Wordtryst, thanks for the reminder. I'm going to put a big sign up for when I get back from lunch to remind myself.


L-Plate Author said...

Chin up honey, it's all there to test us. New book, old book, bad mood, good mood. It's called life getting in the way. Let it ride. Glad to see you did the best possible to make it pass.

Good luck with the new idea though xx

Debs said...

I hope you feel happier soon. I had a filthy mood the other day and is didnt help me with the writing either.

My sister and I also remember our childhoods completely differently. Strange.

I love choosing my next book to read.