Thursday, May 15, 2008

Licence to Lunch

I’ve been a proper expat woman today. I wore a dress and I had a matching bag, nail varnish and sandals and went off to the Combined Women’s Lunch.

It was organised by the British Women’s Group (that’s us) and it had a James Bond Theme; it was called Licence to Lunch. Here’s the poster.

Some time back I spent weeks doing artwork for this event. Carol drew the little cartoony woman, and then I did all the layout stuff. Mind you, I didn’t work as hard as the rest of the committee that organised it. It was rather nice to go along today and see how the whole theme came together.

Wasn’t Roger a good sport? This is Roger with two friends from our table.

It’s amazing how much fun having your picture taken with a cardboard cut out can be after a few glasses of wine.


Yvonne said...

That's so cool! Love the poster. It's great to have a break!

Lane said...

The poster is fab.
The lunch sounds fabber!:-)

Carol and Chris said...

It was a great day wasn't it!! Although I have to say that you sneaked off very early - I didn't even see you go!!

It got a bit messy in the end!! (Jane is SUCH a bad influence!!)

C x

JJ said...

Thanks Yvonne, I did opt out pretty early, thinking I'd come home and write ... I did blog, but couldn't write because I was soooo knackered.

Lane, Thank you. It was fun.

Carol, it was fun. I did sneak ... I knew I'd get embroiled otherwise. What time did you get home?

Did Jane tie you down and pour alcohol down your throat? No, she didn't to me either, but I was in such trouble that night and I'm still recovering which is why I bailed out yesterday!

Caroline said...

Being an expat woman seems like lots of fun.

SpiralSkies said...

'Combined women'? Sounds, um, a bit mutant-y... *gulps as mind boggles*

Angie said...

Cool poster design, JJ, and the event sounds quite fun too!

Carol and Chris said...

I didn't get home till 10.30pm!!! Like I got a bit messy in the end!!

C x