Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Tea Talk

I could get really obsessed with the visitor stat counter thing. My latest fav thing is looking at the search words to see how surfers have found my blog.

After recounting the story a few weeks ago of the headless rabbit in Younger Niece’s wardrobe, I was amused horrified … it was interesting to see that a search for ‘headless rabbit, witchcraft’ had caused someone to stumble upon tea stains. I bet that was a disappointment to them. But really, who searches stuff like that?

Today on my search list was ‘pg tips bangkok where’ so I clicked on that search link and at page 23 of Google’s list of hits I still hadn’t found tea stains. Where was I? How many pages did they trawl through to find me?

Anyway, I’ve decided that it isn’t good enough: how can I call myself tea stains and barely a mention of PG Tips? So to answer anyone interested in the purchase of PG Tips in Bangkok …

You can buy them here in Central but I’ve only seen them in boxes of 40 (which might not last me much more than a week!) And they cost 16p a teabag and at that price I can’t afford my tea habit.

When visitors and guests come I ask them to bring as big a quantity as they can carry. Lovely Sister in law brought two GARGANTUAN catering bags which made me very happy … until I noticed they were … NOOOOOO … single cup strength … for wimps. For a while I used two teabags in one mug, until a friend declared my cups of tea ‘disgusting.’

Lovely Caroline sent me a box of teabags, but I was mortified by how much it costs to send a box of teabags to Bangkok so that’s not the way to keep up a supply without bankrupting friends and family.

I didn’t bring any back from my recent trip because my suitcase was full of books and ‘Soft and Gentle’ which is another story altogether, and now my rations are running low. I’m not sure that they will last until I leave for the UK in July so my dealer Husband has found a carrier coming in June. An email has been issued requesting and detailing the procurement of the correct teabags:

  • PG Tips
  • Not One Cups
  • No leaves
  • Pyramid bags
  • No poncy tea claiming pretensions: just PG Tips


Rebecca said...

there's a novel, or two, in this expatriate dilemma .... :)

Caroline said...

I do worry about you and your lack of pg tips! Perhaps you can contact pg tips and ask them to sponsor your blog!

Actually, that is a rather good idea :)


Yvonne said...

I was brought up in Luxembourg and the only black tea bags they sell there are Liptons, which only come in boxes of ten and are, quite honestly, minging. The English Shop is a bit of a rip-off, so people are dependent on visitors with suitcases filled with tea. My parents still live there and I'm a dab hand at the packing process now!

Sarah*G* said...

Have you tried doing a Google search for Expat Shopping?,GGLF:2006-13,GGLF:en&q=expat+shopping

JJ said...

Rebecca, it's just a big pathetic of me though, eh?

Caroline, you are lovely. Don't worry m'dear; instructions have been sent to courier man...

Yvonne, we get Liptons here too, and I'm ashamed to say I've stopped thinking they're minging ... that's how desperate you can become.

SarahG, thank honey. Yes, I've looked BUT have you seen the prices? If the teabags themselves are cheap, then the postage is horrific!

BEAST said...

On the subject of search terms. let's hope the friendly HMRC, don't try "Bangkok, Dealer and Carrier", or it could spell the end of your tea habit.