Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why I heart Thailand 2

Back in April outside Husband’s office window, one of the big iron billboards blew down onto the building next door. In the paper that week there were reports of two people being killed by the storm earlier in the week, one by a similar billboard and another by a falling tree!

The Powers That Be issued the following safety statement:

"People should avoid standing near flimsy objects during high winds."


I've had to change the second anecdote: because Husband checked his Thai translations AFTER the joke was published. This one he witnessed and texted to me:

Saw suspect arrested outside our office today, taken off to police station on a motobike, one cop driving, and one cop behind him holding his arms. No helmet on any of them, three on a bike.


Carol and Chris said...

LOL....this is why my blog is called Only In Thailand!!

C x

JJ said...

Carol, Maybe you need to live here, eh?

Debs said...

What a fascinating place you live in. At least it's never boring.