Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's working

So I'm managing 100 words (or more) a day. Yesterday I wrote 109 and today I've written 161 words. (I've actually written slightly more because I lost some in editing...)

The word pitiful appears regularly in my head ... but I'm still giving a big, Thai kickboxing kick up the rear and rejecting it. I am spending time - lots of time - in front of my pc but I am very slow. Evidently I cannot just churn it out. I may have to come to terms with that.

I am also feeling a little under the weather (I will spare you the grim details) so any words are good.

There are now nine of us committed to 100 words a day - and we are all writing. Marvellous.

And now, I'm off for a while to read.


Carol and Chris said...

I think that 100 words a day is a great goal to set yourself. Yay for Helen!!

C x

Helen said...

Last night when I went to bed I was so excited at this project of ours. I kept clicking refresh on the blog and was so pleased when somebody else added their word counts for the day. It is working. And I was even more excited when I swicthed on my computer this mornign and saw you had already done yours for today.

Yes 100 words a day is not a lot but it certainly isn't pitiful. Afterall, since Monday you must have added at least 300 words to your novel. 500 by the end of the week.

And not everyone can churn it out. We all have our own style or routine. Just keep going. We are getting there - one baby step at a time. xx

Caroline said...

I think it's a fantastic idea!

I have to do 1,000 words a day to meet my target and it's such a lonely journey :( boo hooooooo.


Yvonne said...

Yay! After I finish this edit I really want to get back to work, but I'm worried that I will stop writing. But if I commit to 100 words a day I'll keep going...I know I will. 100 words a day is better than 1000 words on the odd day off.

Also I found out yesterday that tea bags are 100 years old this year - I thought of you!

Pacha said...

I was thinking about this too last night. It's not the 100 words more or less. It's the fact that 100 words NEED to be written and that sometimes that is enought to get you focused and the writing juices flowing. And if it doesn't it is always 100 words. What catches me out is the bit where we can't write excuses. And becasue 100 words is 'pitiful' (your word, I actually think it is brilliant compared to the weeks of 0 words at all which OFTEN is my case) there really isn't any excuse. It works for me too!

Helen said...

The 'no excuses' bit is really quite a genius idea I thought!!

JJ said...

NO, NO, NO. I haven't explained myself very well.

It's brilliant, it's working and I've written more fiction in three days than three months.

The word 'pitiful' appears in my head because that sodding demon is still going at me, trying to persuade me it's not worth writing for 100 words.

But he's wrong. It is worth it because it gets me going ... writing. Writing more words than I have for ages, regularly.

SueG said...

I think this is brilliant, and the number of words is much less meaningful than the fact that you are actually sitting there and getting some words out at all. Terrific!

Debs said...

I'm loving the 100 words a day idea. The fact that it's only 100 words helps me feel that I can do it and then I just want to keep going.

I must remember to keep on with my damn edit too though, which isn't nearly as exciting.

Angie said...

Just kickbox that demon out of your office and laugh it him (writing demons hate that). You're doing great.
This is so exciting! :)

KAREN said...

At this rate you'll soon be up to 1000 words a day! 100 is good. I haven't done ANY today...