Monday, June 30, 2008

To Do List

I've had one of those days today. It's all last minute stuff before I FLY TO THE UK TONIGHT.

The morning I spent at the hospital without an appointment waiting to see the doctor to give me Thyroxine prescription. They wouldn't give it to me without being seen by him despite the fact that I could, should I wish to, buy the medicine over the counter in Thailand. I only had to wait two hours... Carol, bless her, came with me.

For some reason, not even I'm aware of, I HAVE to update my ipod with all the things I'm almost certain not to listen to while I'm away. I have to do this ... even though I put money on the fact that I won't even put my earplugs to my ears for the next six weeks! I am still doing this... as I type.

I had to pack. Tick.

I had to do my words. Tick. I wrote 135 which was deeply disatisfying as I barely felt I'd got started - but that feeling is great. I celebrate that feeling most wonderously. Writing fiction used to feel a great big hurdle I couldn't manage, then I started the 100 words a day and slowly I've begun to enjoy writing again. I shall continue to aim only for 100 words as from tomorrow I will be knackered after my flight, but with the faith that I will want to write more as I return to normal. Faith and fiction haven't appeared together for me, for a very long time.

Next time I blog I will be in the UK. 'See' you all soon.


Pacha said...

So excited for you! Enjoy your return to the UK!

It makes all the difference WANTING to get back to writing the next day doesn't it?

Yvonne said...

Have a great trip! I took a leaf out of your book today - I wanted to write 1000 words but my heart and head just wasn't in it. Instead of getting anxious and packing it in entirely (like I would have before) I told myself that I could stop after 100 words. I wrote 400 in the end, and feel great that I could manage that. Thanks JJ!

SueG said...

I'm spending today ticking boxes too. I'm off to the States tomorrow, so we both migrate ever westward. Have a safe journey!

Debs said...

Hope you have a lovely time in the UK. Well done for doing your words, I'm also finding it much easier this way.

liz fenwick said...

Hope you had a good flight! I do soooooooooo understand the ipod thing. I did the same and now my eldest has nicked it - will i see it for the rest of the summer? NO