Sunday, June 01, 2008

Seaweed popcorn, anyone?

We've been to the cinema today to Indiana Jones. When I first met Husband I was very resistant about seeing films like that. I didn't like films that were silly, escapist adventure but over the years I've been ground down ... I've obviously made progress because I thoroughly enjoyed the film today - despite the aliens. I still want my books full of realism though, I don't much like silly, escapist adventure in novels.

I thought Harrison Ford was gorgeous still, if a little slower! I was surprised to find that the actor playing his son was Shia LaBeouf, who played Stanley Yelnats in the film of the book Holes by Louis Sacher. Now, that's a fab book and film.

And talking of not wanting silly, escapist adventure in my books, I have managed to finish this month's book club book: The Last Secret of the Temple by Paul Sussman. It wasn't remotely silly and only a bit escapist, but it was quite an adventure. Lots and lots of research must have gone into that book, and I enjoyed it, but it's not one I'd have selected myself. However, that is the pleasure of book clubs.

And now I'm off to choose my next book to read. My choice. Lovely.


Lane said...

Seaweed flavour?? Was it nice?

Have fun choosing a book. Ooh the power!:-)

CC Devine said...

I'm about to join a book club and was afraid that I might not like some of the titles that I'll have to read but it's good to hear that I might be exposed to something great that I wouldn't have normally chosen myself.

JJ said...

Eeeewugh. No, we didn't eat it Lane. Son had cheesy popcorn, which is bad enough, but seaweed? Eww, no.

cc devine, you will come across books you don't like, and you have to get through but it's worth it for the ones that really do it for you. Those ones you know without a doubt you would never have picked up of your own accord. 'Flowers for Algernon' was one of those for me and 'The Red Tent.' It's been really good for my reading.

wordtryst said...

Um, no thanks. Plain butter flavour for me, please.

I share an agent with Louis Sachar, the author of Holes. It was she who sold his novel to Disney. Wish she'd do the same with mine (hell, I can dream can't I?) but I suspect I'll just have to bask in reflected glory.

I think the book club must be a bit like school, only better because you get to choose sometimes. I'm actually glad that I was exposed to some of the books I studied although I hated them at the time.

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