Sunday, June 29, 2008

Painting the Town Red

With a bit more energy we went out last night to paint the town red. We went to the tapas bar in the hotel (Millenium Sukhumvit) around the corner where we sat at the bar and watched them preparing the food. It was lovely food and service.

I managed to paint the town a sort of pale pink (one gin and tonic) before deciding I’d rather go home and write …

Whatever has happened to me? I’ve been ‘doing my words’ as I call it, pretty much first thing. The last couple of sessions, I’ve started without having to talk myself into doing them and I’ve really not wanted to stop because I am enjoying it so much. Today the structure I’d been struggling with just sorted itself out in front of me and the reason … the thing that happens to make her run away … I knew vaguely what that was but didn’t quite understand the how it happened, and that just resolved itself too.

I really didn’t want to stop, but I’ve got so much to do before I fly on Monday night to the UK (Woooo hooooo) that I really had to tell myself that I’ve done my words and if there’s time again later in the day, so be it. If not, I’ll still have done my words.

I’m so looking forward to coming to England.


Pacha said...

Wow! So glad the structure hitch resolved itself. I have run into trouble with mine too. (I don't know how it ends). If it wasn't for the 100 words I probably wouldn't have written for a few days. I may have to ditch some of the stuff I wrote though!

UK *sigh* my parents are in Oxford and they phoned me from a bookshop yesterday. *sob* - bookshops are what I most miss about the UK!


Yvonne said...

That's brilliant, am loving your enthusiasm! Safe trip, will you be blogging in England?

JJ said...

Pacha, Oh, I don't know how mine ends either, or how exactly it gets through the middle bit! I couldn't work out what part of the story should be the first big kapow moment. That solved, I can move onto the next scene. Thanks, I will enjoy the holiday.

Yvonne, thank you. So am I, and Husband... it's quite wonderful at the moment. Yes, I have every intention of blogging while in England. I think it may be all part of my one step at a time approach. 'See' you soon.

Caroline said...

I'm really sad that I might not get to see you in the UK. I would have to change 4 times to get back to Chester at a ridiculous hour from London. It's never straight forward.

Have a safe journey.


Calistro said...

That's fantastic! The 100 word a day habit is rally starting to stick isn't it?

Lane said...

Glad the writing is going at a good pace. It's great that you don't want to stop!

Safe trip over!:-)

KatW said...

Glad your writing is going so well. Have a wonderful trip to the UK. Kat :-)