Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yeh heh heh

Yeh heh heh.

Yeh heh heh*.

I have over 2,000 words. I have an opening. I am excited about my story. I will have something to show at the course in Sept/Oct.

I am determined to keep up the 100 (or more) words a day. It’s working really well for me. Despite the fact that on flight day and arrival day (Mon and Tues next week) it will be really hard. I will be tired and grumpy and feel that I deserve the day off. However, if I take one day off I will be able to take another day off… you get the picture. 100 words a day is doable even if I feel jetlagged and grumpsome. It is only 100 words a day.

* I'm not entirely sure what this means, but it's the noise I made when I clicked Word Count and saw it was over 2000!


Yvonne said...

I trade your yeh heh heh for a woo hoo hoo! Love your attitude, really inspiring!

Pacha said...

Yeh heh heh back! I had the same sort of feeling today. Then I was sucked into paid work and now am BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Want to get back to Yeh heh heh.

Well done JJ. And yes, keep the 100 words thing up no matter what 'cause it sure as heck works!

SueG said...

That's the way, and a real inspiration to me as I start thinking about writing again. As of Wednesday I'll be back in the zone (physically at least). Your words will help me get and stay there psychologically too!

Angie said...

Huzzah! Look at that lovely word counter creeping up.
Perhaps on flight day(s) you can jot down your 100 words in a notebook on the flight, so instead of landing jetlagged and grumpsome, you are jetlagged and cheerful!

KatW said...

Well done you! It's amazing how good it feels when you've had a good day writing. When I don't get much done I feel real grouchy and dissatisfied. And my family soooo knows about it!!

Make sure you reward your hard work with a treat.

Kat :-)

Debs said...

Isn't it great seeing the words mount up each day?

I'm away next week for a couple of days too and shall write my words down - good idea, angie.

I definately feel much happier when I've had a good days writing.

SpiralSkies said...

I'll see your yeh yeh yeh and raise you a wheeeeeeeee...

Great that you're excited about it - and with all that sitting about at airports drinking coffee and/or wine, you should be able to do your 100 words and some sneaky character profiles from all the weird and wonderful airport people passing you by...

Caroline said...


I love hearing you so excited about writing again.


Leigh said...

Clever girl!
Now let's see some more orange pixels.
(Eh? Eh? Eh?)

KAREN said...

2000 words is great, well done :o) I'd be pleased with 200 at the moment!