Saturday, May 30, 2009

My week

Despite the migraine and its aftershocks, (thanks for all the good wishes) I’ve been very busy this week - mostly while filled up with medicine.

The day after the migraine meltdown I had to go to school to watch Daughter in a Dance Extravaganza: very tough feeling so fragile but I filled myself up with pain relief and lovely neighbours gave Daughter and me a lift home.

I had a meeting at the library on Thursday and then that evening I’d promised to drag Husband along to a quiz at a pub along our road. It was organised by the St George’s Society and we were rounded up by Andrew ‘Computer’, my website teacher. We joined up with friends, C&R to make a team, R called our team ‘No Fork in Chance.’ It took me several rounds of the quiz before working out why everyone sniggered at this… but I was still a bit poorly, honest.

Regular readers might know that we did attend a quiz quite regularly a year or so ago… we were spectacularly bad and managed most weeks to come in second to last, which earned us a free round of drinks. This quiz didn’t have any of the ‘professional quiz teams’ in evidence and R was quite brilliant at the sports rounds. Husband excelled in the Thai general knowledge… C and I managed to answer a few too. There was only one literary question (Lady Chatterley’s Christian name which I knew because one of my characters is named after her: Constance.)

We had a nice evening though and to our utter amazement came in second! Woo hoo and each of us won a box of chocolate covered nuts. Obviously I gave my box to Husband and then proceeded to steal them one by one, once the packet was opened: there are no calories in stolen food, did you know that? Pictures can be seen here. I have no idea who the grinning man is next to me.

Friday saw me at a lunch for the 40th anniversary of the first ever meeting of the BWG (don’t go to the website, the irritating music is still there!) I rather liked the idea of those gentile ladies, meeting to organise a group in exactly the same venue, forty years earlier. I think my next novel will feature a group of expat women in Bangkok. Watch this space. Despite requiring Migraleve in the morning, I managed 3 Pimms without any negative effects. Hoo rah.


ChrisH said...

Well done for being brainiacs. Glad to hear that the migraine is on the run (I get them too and they are a berludy nightmare so deep sympathies.)

Tam said...

So pleased you're feeling better and well done on the second place :-)

Lane said...

Coo, you had a busy week. Well done for doing it all with an iffy head.

Looking very glam in the photo too!:-)

Queenie said...

Last time I was in a pub quiz, we were called Quiz Team Aguilera (you might have to say it out loud). Is that really a photo of The Beast? Great news about the stolen food/calories, I'm off to steal some of my Paramour's crisps from his junk food drawer right now!

Debs said...

Glad to hear you're feeling much better, and well done for doing so well too.

Loving the thought of Pimms, yum.

HelenMHunt said...

I love pub quizzes. J and I used to go regularly to the one in the pub over the road but we sort of got out of the habit. Shame really.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very busy week. Glad you're feeling better.

JJ Beattie said...

Chris, but they never last so long... Make it go away.

Tam, thanks. It was a big shock.

Lane, thanks m'dear: shame about the grinning loon next to me.

Queenie, HEY, I got the joke! (Yes, but he doesn't normally look such a loon, honest.)

Debs, Mmmm, Pimms, me too. I love the stuff.

Helen, I do too but it gets a bit demoralising when we always came last. THIS quiz was more fun because the professionals weren't there.

Marmite, thank you.