Saturday, May 16, 2009

Proud Mum

Today Husband’s playing golf with a colleague from the UK; Daughter’s gone off (voluntarily) to do some charity work through school… Son, who is considerably more difficult to motivate, was informed, by me, a week ago that he would be joining me for my stint at the library used book sale today.

I don’t think I ever uttered the words ‘I’m not asking, I’m telling’ but the gist… the picture… was well and truly got by Son. Still, he’d forgotten by midweek and I had to remind him he’d been press ganged and couldn’t go for a sleepover on the Friday night… He looked a bit disappointed but not a grumble was heard.

He was woken this morning from his teenage slumber (which would normally have gone on towards lunchtime) without a moan. He came to the sale and was charming and acted as my human calculator adding up the different prices of books, helping old people (really) and running errands.

I considered taking him by the shoulders, shaking him and asking ‘Who are you and what have you done with my son?’ Instead I beamed with pride, rewarded him and sent him off to the cinema to meet his friend.

This is the Neilson Hays Library (where I am bookbuyer) and our book sale today (and tomorrow.) Fingers crossed we raise lots of money.


HelenMHunt said...

I want to go to a book sale. No fair!

JJ Beattie said...

Helen, I managed to ferret through my books and sort out a few that I didn't feel emotionally attached to. Son donated a pile of 'too young' books and so I carried four bags of books to the library last week. I HAD to come back today with fewer books than I donated! I did. I'm so proud.

Debs said...

Good for him. No wonder you're so proud.

Hope loads of money was raised.

Lane said...

Well done jj's son! And well done you for coming back with fewer books!
Looks like fun:-)

Queenie said...

Well done, both of you!

DJ Kirkby said...

What a nice library. Book sales are my fave!

Wordtryst - Liane Spicer said...

"Who are you and what have you done..." LOL! Proud you should be indeed!

That's a lovely library building, and I hope the sale raises lots and lots of cash!

Catherine said...

Kids. Just when you have them sussed, they evolve.

I wasn't aware of the donation to Hayes or I would have dropped some by too.

(I'm so out of touch!)

Carol and Chris said...

You should be proud....son is lovely (daughter is too but you're not talking about her).

Tell them both I send my love

C x

Leigh said...

Oh, but then he is a bit of a charmer, non? What a good boy!