Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One down; one to go

For the second time since I’ve been in Bangkok the BWG is holding a fashion show. This time it’s to celebrate their 40th birthday.

Long term regulars might remember this from January ‘08. Newbie readers can, if they want, read about the plans for last year here and then the actual night here. Last year went really, really well, except that, as is the way with being involved backstage, I didn’t get to see the show. Rather rashly I said ‘next year, so I can watch the show, I’ll do front of house…’ NEVER EVER utter those words among expat women … they have memories like elephants and they’ll sign you up in the air and hold you to it waaaay later, long after they should have forgotten all about it.

I did the design again too… without my partner-in-crime Carol (Boo Hoo). The powers that be had decided on keeping the shoe and the title (Walk This Way) as the name of the event so at least I didn’t have to come up with an image to beat that shoe… which I still love even though it’s the sluttiest shoe I ever saw!

Last Sunday was the first rehearsal of all the groups. (Previously they’ve been working in satellite groups on their own.) It’s my first involvement as front of house too, even though in the background I’d been doing bits of design. I sat at the front watching and I got a little adrenalin frisson in my tummy at it: oh, it’s gonna be good.

That quiver of excitement must explain why, when a friend, HH, approached me with those ominous words ‘you can write, can’t you?’ I didn’t run for the hills: I must have mistaken myself for superwoman… One of the fashion show groups comprises of six male teachers from our school and HH’s idea was to put an article in the school magazine about their group. Before I realised what was happening – I’d volunteered, was talking to the chaps, checking it out with the Director… And then, J, the photographer and editor of the BWG magazine, asked, “And something for Contact maybe, too?” OH YES, I said, NO PROBLEM.

So that, if you saw my panic at the Novel Racers or on Facebook, was the first article due: a cheesy piece about the teachers’ extra curricular activities on the catwalk.

One article down, one to go.


Carol and Chris said...

You will have to send me a copy of the DVD once it's done!! It was fab last year....sad that I'm not going to be there :-(

C x

Ps. Yay to slut shoes!!

ChrisH said...

Respect! You are being a Superwoman! (sorry not to respond to NR appeal - I am up to my eyeballs).

Lane said...

Busy, busy!
Good luck with the secong article jj:-)

Alexa said...

Good luck with the articles. The show sounds like fun and I love that shoe! Not that I'd be able to get my foot into it these days.

Catherine said...

'at least I didn’t have to come up with an image to beat that shoe… which I still love even though it’s the sluttiest shoe I ever saw!'

I absolutely LOVE that shoe (which is why I decided to stop by and comment instead of lurk).

SueG said...

Ooh, those volunteer "can't you just..."'s get you every time. I can't tell you how much of my time I spend doing that sort of thing. It must mean we are extraordinarily nice and generous people! :-))

KatW said...

You're a busy lady! It all sounds a lot of fun though. I do love the shoe. I'm sure your article will be great. Will there be anywhere we can read it?

Enjoy and I look forward to reading how it all goes!

Kat :-)

HelenMHunt said...

Good luck with the articles. Love the shoe - couldn't walk in it!

Debs said...

You go, girl. I'm sure you'll be great.

Love the shoe too, I want some like that.

JJ Beattie said...

Carol, you're missed all the time hon. I will send you a copy... no I'll bring it with me if it's done by then. Yay to the slutty shoes!

Chris, oh goodness, don't worry about that: I used Jen, but there were several offers. Aren't the Novel Racers brilliant?

Lane, thank you.

Alexa, thanks. Ah, sweetie, are you all a bit puffy? Console yourself that I've never been able to wear such outrageous shoes!

Catherine, thanks for the comment. I knew my skills couldn't better Carol's shoe... so was delighted to be able to just change colours etc. I'm glad you love the shoe... so do I. I've loved working with it as it's such an incredible strong image.

Sue, yes, or we just don't know how to say no. I've managed No a couple of times recently, but they spot the weakness, take me out to lunch and persuade me anyway. *sigh*

KatW, Thank you. I will let you know if it appears online at all!

Helen, thanks hon. Seriously, can anyone walk in shoes like that?

Debs, thank you. I tell you what, I'd settle for her ankles!

Flowerpot said...

Go for it JJ! And can we see what you've written - please?

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

That's a lovely design, you obviously have a flair for it! I also love the shoe.

And I bet the article will be brilliant... and I too would love to read it.