Sunday, December 30, 2007

200th Post

I'm back in Bangkok and feeling terrible. Not because I've left Koh Chang or Skyros, although we did toy with me staying one more week...

But because I'm sick; I've got tonsils the sized of tennis balls in my throat, and I can't swallow without serious face-pulling wincing going on. I'm unable to make a full dose of paracetamol last so I have to take nurofen in between doses. I'm so sick I don't want to go out ... that's very sick for me.

I've watched three videos though. Music and Lyrics: total cheese. I know it's terrible, but hello? it's not meant to be serious. I thought it was utterly hilarious - I lived through the New Romantics as a teenager so I was right there with those dodgy haircuts and I don't even want to think about what I wore to non uniform day! Also, it's a dirty confession I know, but I do like Hugh Grant. I do. There I said it on my blog: I LIKE HUGH GRANT - I think he's cute.

Then I pushed the standards up a bit and watched Iris: absolutely brilliant, but I must have a heart of stone because I didn't cry. (This is very weird because I watched 'Cutting It' on the TV in between and I cried at Allie's funeral! I barely know who Allie is and I certainly don't know any of the other characters, but still I wept!)

Finally we watched The Truman Show. I've started this movie at least three times, and always fallen asleep before the half way mark. HURRAH, I finally watched the end. The film is a tad scary though: so possible.

I'm off for another dose of paracetamol, Saturday (Ian McEwan) and my bed now.


Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Poor you - I hope you feel much better very soon. (Congrats on your 200th post!)

Pacha said...

Oh JJ! Sorry to hear you're sick honey!

I liked Iris but didn't cry (and I am pathetic with films and tears)...I think it wasn't that sort of film. It was sad but matter of fact about it...not bashing you over the head with the sentimental.

Fell asleep during Truman Show so need to see it again too.

Haven't seen 'Music and Lyrics'

Can't get beyond first chapter of McEwan's Saturday though. I loved 'Atonement' though...

GET WELL SOON HONEY!!! We're all sick over here with winter lurgies too!

SpiralSkies said...

Oh you poor thing :( That is soooo not the way to start a new year.

Hope you feel much better very soon X

JJ said...

Hi Zinnia, thanks - I'm less dependent on the pain relief today.

Pacha, Oh fab: I thought I was just a woman with a heart of steel.

I enjoyed Truman show - worth giving it another go, and another, and another - if you're anything like me. M&L is utter tosh but just what I needed.

I had to give Saturday several starts too, but I'm enjoying it now.

Hope you feel better soon, too.

Hi Jen, it's not is it? Miserable, but just gotta put stuff on hold til I feel better. Thanks for your well wishes.


Angie said...

Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy Saturday, I did. (I like Hugh Grant too, shh, don't tell. Oh. ;)