Friday, December 28, 2007

'Allo allo allo

There were 7 or 8 uniformed policemen in reception when I came in to breakfast on Boxing Day but because it was the day that most of the Skyros group were leaving, I instantly forgot to ask why they were there.

Saying goodbye to everyone was sad and horrible, but I’m meeting some again in Bangkok when I get back, (Husband came down on Christmas Eve so we’re staying for a few more days) and I’m fairly sure I will stay in touch with some.

Since the boat sped them away I’ve been sitting in reception checking out the blogs I’ve missed recently and catching up on emails (several important ones had disappeared into my junk folder – bummer.)

Previously intent on my laptop, I was suddenly aware that the lobby was immensely busy and when I looked up all the policemen were pacing around looking important, hands hovering over their guns. Beyond the tier of policemen were bystanders, and further away again were a group of girls, one of whom was wearing a silver crown and vertiginous heels.

I watched fascinated by this OK/Hello Magazine scene in front of me. Eventually, unable to resist it, I took some photos. All the hotel staff had their photos taken with her and many of the other resort guests (no way was I standing next to this gorgeous 6ft 8” slender beauty). She was lovely and smiled patiently through all the requests for photos. Eventually she and her entourage disappeared, and I was able to ask someone who she was: Miss Thailand! Oooh, am I mixing with the stars?


Pacha said...

Ohhhh, look at you! So, do you have photos?

Leigh said...

She was how tall?

Caroline said...

Oooooh! You should have had your photo taken :)

wordtryst said...

Have a great new year, JJ.

I once went to the bathroom at a local hotel, ran upstairs and found a similar stir in the lobby. I threaded my way through the policemen and found myself standing next to - our president! The president of the country, that is! I did a quick disappearing act before they mistook me for some kind of assassin or something.

JJ said...

Oh okay, just for you Pacha.

Really, really tall Leigh, but 4 inches of that was shoes!

Oh Caroline, I couldn't; she would make me look as wide as I am tall! Not a good look.

Oh my god, how funny, wordtryst. When I fished around in my cavernous bag for my camera, I was watched very closely by the policemen!