Friday, December 14, 2007

Too many parentheses

Well, they’ve gone.

I had a little look at the map on my blog this morning to see whereabouts they might be. I reckon they’ll be flying over Europe – hope they wave.

They land at 6am ish UK time. For the next nearly three weeks I think I will be doing a lot of translating clock times in my head, imagining what they’re doing.

For one weak and self indulgent second I thought about them all alone up there (oh how the imagination works… do go and look at this post!) And then, I realised that for all the ferocity of a mother protecting her young, I am not superwoman, and I’d be pretty much buggered myself in an aeroplane doing something unpredictable.

So now, I’ve pulled myself together and started thinking about showering, packing, PICKING UP MY BLACKBERRY (HURRAH … Who? My children are …where?)

Then, then, the excitement of today (apart from being footloose and fancy free with my Blackberry to play with, and getting ready for Skyros (HURRAH)) I’m going with a group from the British Women’s Group to sing Christmas carols at a Bangkok Hospital (this is something I did last year, and I’m sorry but drinking sherry, eating mince pies and singing carols in the sweltering heat of Bangkok doesn’t do anything to persuade me it’s December the something. BUT, it’s lots of fun – I love to sing (the same stanza over and over, and probably badly, mostly, but tough. It’s MY singing and it’s good for my mental health!)).

If you’re very (un)lucky I may see if I can make the technology work to upload some of our ‘singing.’

(When I’m over-excited I use too many brackets – it’s the digressions.)

Woo hoo: carols, BLACKBERRY, Skyros …Children are safe, happy and being looked after … I am a good mum.

PS. I LOVE blogging. I am so glad to be back (I never really went away: I lurked. I just didn’t post!)


Pacha said...

You're a wonderful mum!

Just think how exciting this whole thing is for your kids. Flying to UK alone and staying out there alone seeing friends and family? It's a whole new adventure and sweet because soon they will be back with you again! (I know my kids would love it! Javier and Emma this summer flew to the UK with my parents for a long weekend and they were so excited I'm sure they didn't think about me a second!)(that is meant to be a nice thing)(now,I'm doing this bracket thing!)

Oh! And enjoy the christmas carol gig and do post the singing!

All best

p.s So glad you're back and that you love bloggig! I love coming to visit you here!

Pacha said...

Now a blogig is a very interesting concept!

Jen said...

All sounds like a pretty groovy way to round off the year. Where will your dear hubby be while you're galavanting in a writerly fashion? Out choosing you lots of pressies?

Leigh said...

Think of them watching films, and dozing, and feeling really cool because they're, like, grown-ups, travelling on their own.

Carol singing is good. Make sure you sing LOUDLY.

I'm glad the BB is coming home. That is good news.

Lane said...

Now you can breathe .... and enjoy. The hard part's over and like Superwoman/Supermum, you organized it all (and coped) in a stupendous fashion:-)

Glad the Blackberry is coming home and love the sound of a bit of sherry and singing in the heat.

well done JJ (and a little singing upload would be festive:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Oh dear god please don't upload the singing!! I thought you liked the people that comment on your blog.....seriously do you really want to put them through the torture that was our singing??

C x