Friday, December 07, 2007

Party party party

Yesterday we had the BWG Christmas party. Despite promising myself to get off early after the lunch, and leave the revellers to it, I became a reveller. Somehow I misplaced my self control and found myself dancing on the stage; I’ve no idea how it happened.

I’ll confess to having had a few drinks, but I have no alcoholic amnesia and didn’t show anyone my knickers! I’m not posting the pictures that were so shamefully circulated this morning because I’m fairly sure it will result in injunctions or suings, but I was in bed before Son last night. I went back to bed after I got them off to school this morning.

Tonight is Husband’s Christmas party in our apartment and all the arrangements have been done by husband and a few members of his staff. He has left me to write my articles, and gave me only one job: to tidy all my crap away.

The piles of papers, that ‘might one day be needed for research’. The forty-eight books next to my side of the bed, mixed with essential bits of paper on which are written golden nuggets of inspiration or instructions for finding secret shops in Bangkok.

Anyway, I’ve now finished hiding it all sorting through and clearing it into numerically ordered files and it’s time to get ready to party.


Jen said...

Ok, I'm not going to ask. Oh, sorry, I HAVE to ask...

What sort of party is it going to be that you have to tidy your bedside table?!?!?

JJ said...

Oh Jen, yes, it's the sort of party where you have more guests than space! Our condo is all one level, so our bedroom and the big balcony off it, will probably be used!

NOOOO, it's not that sort of party.


Lane said...

I sooo want to see dancing photos!!!

lol at Jen's comment:-)

Enjoy your party and dance, dance dance:-)

Pacha said...


If you were dancing on stage it sounds like a greeeeat party!

Please tell us what happens at tonights party with photos too...

Unless it's the sort of party that Jen thinks it is. Don't want the rating of your blog to go all x-rated and censored!

Leigh said...

That's the worst thing about alcoholic amnesia - you never get it when you need it.

Rebecca said...

dancing on stage?? - sounds like an awesome party!