Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fashion Show

The British Women’s Group (I do so hate that name and all it implies – but here I am nonetheless, a fully paid up member, when I’m not really a membery, joiny type of person.) Anyway, the BWG is organising a fashion show. We’ve been working on it since about September last year and it’s had its moments … I’ve had my only (since being in Bangkok) public strop at one of the committee meetings, anyway, I won’t dwell on that.

I wasn’t going to get involved in it at all, however, I was inveigled to work on the creative side and … I’m not too good at saying no (although I did manage to say no to something yesterday: Hurrah, clever JJ). While I’m creative I’ve never been much of a graphic artist, so the lovely Carol-a Crayon was enticed to come on board with creative stuff too. She produced this fabulous slutty classy shoe image. And I’ve got to say every single time I see the image, despite months of working on it (tickets, poster, programmes etc) I’m so proud of her. I never fail to feel pleased with what she produced and what we’ve done with it. It’s being blown up to 7ft tall for the stage, being sculpted in ice and I’m still not sick of it.

After the creative bit, I was put in charge back stage (I didn’t know about this until the Christmas lunch last month, by which time I’d had a couple of glasses of champagne and flattered, I agreed). My Assistant Stage Manager is so wonderful and organised I’m not entirely sure what it is I’m actually doing … Oh yes, I have to liaise with front of house to get the fashion show started, and get this: I have to wear a headset! And I think I might even get away with a clipboard. How exciting is that? (I don’t get out much.)

Anyway (focus, focus) uhm: the way the fashion show was organised was that each of the six groups of models went off to work on their own and until last Sunday I’d never seen any group at all, but they’d never seen themselves all six groups together. Then last night, we had a rehearsal on the catwalk at the hotel ballroom. And I think it’s going to be rather good, she says in that understated English way. Ahem: I think it’s going to be bloody marvellous.

(Tickets are still available: 3,000 baht includes lots of alcohol, food, spiffing fashion show, great raffle prizes, dancing ‘til late. All money raised to charity)


CTaylor said...

That's a fantastic logo!

Angie said...

I heart that shoe logo too (being a bit of a shoe-lover)! Enjoy the important headset-wearing show. Sounds fun.

Pacha said...

That is a fantastic shoe image.

A headset and clipboard??? Oh, that is so fantastic. I want to have them too! (For mothering organising stuff purposes...)

It sounds like it'll be great fun and very professional indeed!

Please let us know how it goes(for those of us that, alas, won't be able to make it)...however, if you promise me a headset too I may see what I can do about flying over for the show ;)

SpiralSkies said...

Shoes and clipboards? Phwoar, that's almost as sassy as the logo.

That Carol's quite clever, innit?

Can't wait to see the photos of the big night - sounds fantastic. In fact, make that bloody fantastic!


Yvonne said...

So impressed that you're involved in a fashion show, especially about the headset - now I want to wear one! Best of luck on the night and post pictures!

Carol and Chris said...

OMG.....if you have a clip board I might have to avoid you......

(I am secretly terrified of people with clipboards cause I'm too polite to tell them to bugger off and I end up in some small hotel room in front of a laptop answering THE most ridiculous questions....'Do you know how many times our sooper dooper washing powder has been passed through a teebag in order for it to make your clothes sooper smooth?' (NO AND I DON'T CARE!!!) but I sit there nodding like an idiot pretending to be interested!!....I seem to have digressed!!

I can cope with a headset though!!

C x

Ps. It's not a slut shoe....ok, maybe a wee bit ;-0
PPs. I can't wait to see it in ice!! That's going to be very cool....(sorry couldn't resist!!)

JJ said...

Cally, Thank you (on behalf of Carol-a Crayon).

Angie, the headset is SO important to complement my outfit... (but it IS slutty, no?)

It is isn't it? Why headset and clipboard in the family - THAT's what's missing in my life.

Jen, since I will be hidden away in the back I may not score any photos. I shall instruct Carol-a to take some.

Yvonne, they were begging people, honest! I think we should start a trend as Pacha suggests for Mums wearing them to shout instructions at the children.

Carol, I was hoping to project just that image: DO NOT MESS WITH THIS WOMAN - SHE'S GOT A CLIPBOARD AND SHE'S NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.



What a fab logo!! My daughter (shoe-lover extraordinaire)wants a pair :) It all sounds rather exciting.

Lane said...

A headset??? You get to do the coolest things:-)

The logo is superbly fab and I think Crayony Carol is a super talented female woman:-)

Am looking forward to pics of ice statue and headset. Enjoy jj:-) xx

Leigh said...

Oh, to have the legs/feet/ankles/wardrobe/balance to wear a pair of shoes like that. (I confess I wouldn't have the nerve to wear them even then, but it would be nice to be able to, if I wanted to.)

A headset? Brill! Make sure you do lots of muttering into it, and holding on to the ear bit like they do on the telly.

laurie said...

a headset and a clipboard would be fun and important.

fashion? the fashion police would bar the door from me.