Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Feeding time all the time

I’m a very bad blogger when I’m in the UK. Husband (still in Bangkok) has complained.

Mostly I have been sous chef to my father and my sister. The problem with having lots of people in the house (we are ten if everyone is home) is that as soon as one meal is finished you have to start thinking about the next one. Staples such as milk and bread have to be closely monitored. We have to contend with vegetarians, pescetarians, carnivores, wheat intolerances, strawberry allergies and diabetics as well as the usual childhood likes and dislikes.

The table is in a constant state of rotation: clearing or laying. The cats don’t help. Peanut is pictured, holding court over the table. He's lovely as long as you don't try to touch his tummy, or in fact, do anything he doesn't want you to do. See those demon eyes?


Milton said...

Awww, he's a cutie!

Milt x

Bernadette said...

That is one fierce looking cat!

Queenie said...

Blimey, you were up before me! (Unless that was a scheduled post, carefully designed to make you appear industrious while you are in fact snoozing in bed?) Don't worry, it'll all get better at the weekend ;-) x

(OMG - word verification word is actually, honestly, 'penance' - maybe I should be worrying here!)

Boonie S said...

Excellent post!
And Peanut scares me.... I'm OK with cobras, pythons, crocodiles and traffic policemen, but show me a cold, cruel, callous kitty and my knees go to jelly.

By the way, "pescetarians":
I couldn't find the word in my dictionary. Am I right in thinking that it refers to people who drinks a lot of alcohol? - just an educated guess.

Have a great time in the UK.
All the best, Boonsong

Jenny Beattie said...

Milton, welcome. He is a cutie... as long as we play by his rules.

Bernadette, yes, indeed. He wants respect and usually he gets it.

Queenie, it went up last night but I was up and downstairs with my sister at 6.15! Son is going out to work!

Boonsong, thank you. I reckon Peanut could take on cobras, pythons, crocodiles and traffic policemen which is why I'm a bit scared of him too.

LOL. Pescetarians are the vegetarians that eat fish and sometimes white meat (chicken.)

Flowerpot said...

He looks quite pleasant compared to my bruiser!

Kat W said...

The constant feeding is bad enough when there's just the 4 of us at home. But then there's often extras and children are never satisfied. Once one meal is finished they're asking what's next!

Great photo. We are getting a new kitten Friday, mostly black with white tummy and paws. None of us can agree on what to call him - any ideas?

Kat X

Chris Stovell said...

All that constant feeding sounds like my idea of hell. Poor you! I don't suppose you're getting much time to write in current state of turmoil. Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with D!!! Miss your blogs when you're away, love Peanut, but I can see what you mean!! Hope you're having a good time, Jane x