Sunday, July 18, 2010

Off to Scotland

Husband says if I don’t start blogging soon he’s going to start his own blog. He says it’ll be called "Tales from the big empty apartment, watching the cactus grow." In spite of the dodgy title I bet it would be entertaining; Husband is a funny man… he can be amusing too.

Anyhow, for Husband and anyone else who’s not got bored yet of checking a non updated tea stains, I’ve scheduled some blogs to come out while I'm away on some of the exciting things we’ve been up to in the last ten days.

I’m sorry I haven’t been leaving messages much to your messages. As soon as I get back to Bangkok, blogging life will carry on as before.

This evening I’m off up to London to catch a sleeper train to Inverness in Scotland for the start of my Arvon ‘Writing Mainstream’ course.

Is it wrong to be as excited about the sleeper train as the writing course?


HPofP said...

As soon as I read the words 'sleeper train' I had a massive stab of envy. Never been on one; always wanted to. It smacks of Brief Encounter, the age of steam, fitted tweed suits, pill-box hats, trunks (the luggage variety) and romance. Hope it's all that and more ... xxx

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Oooh, if you're awake, wave when you're just north of Edinburgh.

Have a great time.


Queenie said...

Now you HAVE to blog about that - the train and the course. We want to know all the details. And have a great time! x

green ink said...

Have an AMAZING time!! Hope you love Moniack as much as I did! I wonder if you'll have "my" room?! ;) Enjoy!! xx

Boonie S said...

I've only ever been on the sleeper to Chiang Mai - and loved it. Any course would be boring by comparison, but that's coming from somebody with minimal education and almost no qualifications. I'm not and never have been into academia.

Have a nice trip.
Enjoy the journey.
Enjoy the course.

All the best, Boonsong

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I've never been on a sleeper train and am sure I'd be excited too.

Have great fun at Arvon. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Like the amusing blog titles for your husband's blog.

Ryan said...

While in Inverness you must visit Culloden it's an amazing place, also for letting your hair down at night check out the Hootananny bar. Have a good time up there.