Monday, July 19, 2010

What have I been doing?

We've been celebrating birthdays while I've been in the UK.

The first one was my Dad's 81st birthday. Unfortunately the birthday cake wasn't wheat free so I could only smell it. The novelty candle came from a pound shop and was long past the sell by date so we were a bit worried about whether it would work. We had a shaky moment when we lit the fuse and it looked as though it might burst into flames, the 'flower' opened up as promised and we didn't need to call the fire brigade. (Damn.)

The second birthday was lovely Leigh's although we hadn't so much respect for her: she was less than half my Dad's age so we made her wear a silly shirt; it said Official-Leigh 40.

To make up for our rudeness, we bought her 40 presents to open.

And Leigh's cake... well now, that was wheat free so I had, uhm, several pieces of that.


HelenMWalters said...

Mmmm, I can still remember the yumminess of that cake!

Queenie said...

Yum, cake, I want some now!

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

That candle looks rather impressive, I'm glad it worked too.

I love celebrating birthdays and have a few going on at the moment here.

Flowerpot said...

What a cake - and the candles too!

Jen said...

God, that cake was delish. It was a rather lovely day, wasn't it?

Glad your dad's day was a *little* more dignified :)

Harriet said...

Love the 40 gifts idea. Hope you had a lovely say Leigh. My mum (JJ) sure did!! X