Monday, June 25, 2007

Can you tell me the way?

Okay. Big DEEP breath required.

I’ve been through my words with a scythe. Yes, those 23,036 words – and now they are 8,544 words of my novel.

I couldn’t see where I was going.

I had lots of notes that I couldn’t fathom.

And now I have a view on my path again.

I figure that many of them may come back. I will work from those notes, but they aren’t yet story, so they don’t belong there.

I am attempting to construct something of a plan … this worries me because (though I hate to be typical) I am a woman who has to turn the map up different ways to understand where she is and how to get there.


Jon M said...

Plans are good, even if they are pretty slim. Index cards? Some serious chopping has been done!!! After this course I've just been on I'm about to do something similar! You have my sympathy! :-)

Angie said...

I think you are so brave to cut away all those words! It is necessary sometimes to cut out the chaff, but so difficult. I'm struggling with that right now. All those words are my babies, even though I know they aren't furthering the story. And a plan helps, even if it is a skeletal one.
Love your map too. :)

Carol and Chris said...

At least you still have those words that you can call on when your struggling. I bet that sometimes they will go back in exactly as they are and sometimes they will inspire you in a 'that's not how it should go' kind of way. Good for you - it's not easy to be ruthless with your own work!!


JJ said...

Jon, I've bought some index cards, but only got as far as making a few lists on them, stroking them and putting them lovingly in straight piles. Mmmm, procrastinating?

Angie, It so had to be done. I just couldn't see where I was going. I don't throw anything away, never ever delete, just put the wheat in one file and the chaf in another separate one. Glad you like the map! Clearly I had an empty day yesterday!

Carol, you are right on all counts. It is scary, but I couldn't see the way without heavy duty pruning ... oh okay, major surgery!

Jen said...

It take a brave person to do that JJ... well done... I'm really proud of you!

Jon M said...

I bought some index cards today...and then sketched out my plan on a sheet of A4! What's going on? :-)

Caroline said...

Brave brave chopping. I did that too's good ... it's refreshing's so bloody terrifying. But brave brave chopping.

I'm proud of you too honey. Now stop your index card stroking and write.

(I think I need index cards too)

A. Writer said...

Wow! Well done you! I don't have the bravery to chop away like that. I know I should though!

I like the map!

liz fenwick said...

Very brave! Well done. can you see your way ahead now?

JJ said...


NO, NO, no, no. Not brave anymore; don't want the words back, but still uhmm, stuck.