Thursday, June 07, 2007

Time travelling twittery award

It's even more exciting than I thought. I've just realised that I've made a cock of my tickets.

I don't leave very late on the 13th and arrive early morning, UK time, on the 14th.

I leave very late on the 12th, ie 10 minutes after it becomes the 13th, which means after subtracting or adding 12 hours flight (I'm not sure which) and taking into account the 6 hours difference between Bangkok and the UK it means I arrive early on the 13th - a whole day earlier than I thought.

Is this time travel, or am I really stupid?


Caroline said...

I love the badge!
Can I put that on my blog????

I think it must be time travel, as you are sooooooooo not stupid.



JJ said...

You certainly can. I was going to make it say something much ruder but then I thought I might offend ... My vocab has a tendency to be sailor level, but I try to edit that!


Caroline said...


Ohhhh I soooo understand!


liz fenwick said...

I remember the feeling of not knowing which way I was going!

JJ said...

Caroline, you surely don't swear like sailor? You, a published author?

It's such a basic mistake, Liz, isn't it? I know it's easily done, which is why I looked again. But the problem was my friends in Manchester were keeping the wrong day free. Still at least I won't be nearly as space cadet for the launch.

hesitant scribe said...

Does that mean you're crossing the international date-line? I had a friend once who crossed it on his birthday, and had his birthday twice! Does this mean you lose a day when you go back, and if so, where does it go?! Maybe you could home round the other way and gain another extra day!

My head hurts!

JJ said...

It really does make your head hurt, doesn't it? Very painful. Thank god I checked or that would've been it for my trip home!

Carol and Chris said...

We did exactly the same thing!! (Thought we arrived on Saturday morning only to arrived on Friday morning - I can't believe you did the same thing!!)