Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm such a worrier. These are the things I'm worrying about currently:
  1. Why I'm not able to write.
  2. That I'm not up to it (I'm just not clever enough).
  3. That I'm not (and never will be) content to be just a reader.
  4. That I'll always want to write but never be able to do it.
  5. That everyone in the Novel Racers will finish, get published and I'll still be at 8,000 words.
  6. That I have to go to Emporium and buy a disc for the video camera before Daughter's play.
  7. That Daughter will forget her lines.
  8. That Husband will be late and I'll have to remember how to use the camera.
  9. That I promised myself I would write between 11am-1pm, and now it's 11.33 and I'm blogging.
  10. That the hole in my foot is still not healed.
  11. That I'm not thin.
  12. That I'd be in the gym if the hole in my foot didn't hurt so much.
  13. That I know that that's a total lie.
  14. That I don't tell the truth to myself.
  15. That my hair is frizzy.
  16. That I want to sleep all the time.
  17. That I'm (not) writing the wrong story.
  18. That the voice I think I want to use isn't actually my voice.
  19. That if it's not my voice - who's is it? And have they got mine?
  20. That I can't even remember all the things I'm worried about.
  21. That I'll have to come back and update the list when I can remember.


Jen said...

Ah,yes, worrying for England is a superbly melodramatic form of procrastination.

If it's any consolation, you're not alone in your fears. I'm worrying now that your worries are all better and more valid than mine :(


JJ said...

Woo, Jen, 6am. I'm impressed. Are you up and writing? I've written 117 words, and no-one's dead... One word at a time is all I can do.

Jen said...

You're doing better than me - can I have one of your words?!


Caroline said...

I think I need to have a worry list too because at the minute they are all shouting inside my head.

Lazy Perfectionista said...

I have a weird worry (shared with my brother so we blame our parents) that if I'm worrying about something but I don't worry enough that's when it comes true. This leads to worrying about what the right amount of worrying is, and what happens if one worries too much...

I think we need therapy.

JJ said...

Okay, well that's two off the list of worries. Husband came on time and operated the camera, and Daughter didn't forget her lines.

Jen, sure, help yourself. Which one would you like?

Caroline, it really does help, writing them out, but I've spent the afternoon going to school thinking about what else I'm worrying about...

Lazy P, Mmm, yes, do you think we could sue our parents? I'm sure my worrying is my mum's fault.

A. Writer said...

That's some list. I hear you on the writing ones! I call my worries 'Wobbles' and I have them constantly :(

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

What you all need is pigeons in the roof, flaking window paint, a large house and small bank balance and a NEW NEIGHBOUR with MORE MONEY THAN SENSE who seems to be able to organise all the workmen in Manchester to attend to her every whim, without stress, strain or concern for cost. Then you'd stop worrying about everything else and just worry about how totally and utterly inadequate you are in the face of such shameless efficiency.

Jon M said...

Think about 5 things what are good instead! Works for me! :-) Worries go away in the end, to be replaced by new ones if you let them...

JJ said...

A Writer - you blogging again? I'll come by. Usually my wobbles are accompanied by a vague depressed feeling. Yesterday wasn't, I don't know what it was about really....

HPoP, Oh dear. I really do have nothing valid to worry about do I? Still pigeons in your roof is better than bats in your belfry... maybe?

Jon, It's a done deal - shameless stealing... Thanks.


A. Writer said...

Yep, I'm back!

Angie said...

Oh dear, like Jen said, you're not alone in your worries, and like Caroline I think I also need to start a list to catalogue my worries so they stop shouting in my head...must be a writer's trait to worry, so hurrah, we're writers!? ;)