Friday, June 15, 2007

Caroline's launch

What a lovely time we all had last night: it was so good to meet everyone. Although it was WEIRD meeting people you'd got to know, but had no idea how to recognise. I texted Hesitant Scribe to say 'Are you here?' and I heard a text being received in the room, but couldn't work out where and who. Then as she texted back 'Yes, by the drinks table' she heard Caroline introduce me to someone. Weird and odd, and stuff, but so lovely. (It was made doubly odd for me that one of the bloggers is the daughter of my lovely friend from art college, although I did know that before I went. I think it was marginally more odd that there was such a coincidental connection to someone. Strangers meeting virtually, yes, but someone I knew?)

My camera is not great, but here are a couple of pics:


Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh, how exciting!! I bet it was fab. Caroline looks tres glamorous! Enjoy the rest of your stay. xx

Caroline said...


It was sooooooo wonderful to meet you last night. So wonderful!

(and thank you for my pens!)


JJ said...

Hi Lucy, It was fab - lots of fun, and yes, Caroline looked absolutely gorgeous.

Caroline, thank you so much for inviting us. It was a real privilege to share it with you. The pens were a pleasure: I just hope they work, despite being quite, quite tasteless.

trousers said...

I've said this so many times, I'm jealous of everyone else being there. I couldn't make it, and now I'm shamed by the fact that you came all this way.

Lovely photos, and Caroline looks fab.

Jon M said...

It was good good good.

JJ I owe you a drink, tea okay? :-)

Helen said...

Hi JJ, thought I'd pop over and say hello as I've been quiet for a while. Love the photos of the launch. I'm quite jealous you had cake too. Hope all is well with you in England, trust the weather to be so freakish whilst you are here! Sorry for advising to go with the flipflops - you should have brought wellies...

hesitant scribe said...

Hellooo - I haven't had a chance to blog about the launch yet - not as efficient as you JJ!

Fabulous to meet everyone last night though - so glas I went. Caroline did look gorgeous, and so did you JJ!

Can't wait till the next one!

Jen said...

Oh, wow, how very glam... Caroline looks scrummy in that frock!

I soooo wish I had been there you meet everyone (and scoff cake).

Wow... wow, wow, wow! And jealous, jealous, jealous. You get the picture!

Marie said...

Oh, I wish I'd been there!

Sounds like you all had fun and Caroline looks so lovely and glam.

JJ said...

Trousers, I was lucky it coincided with a trip that depended on when there were airmile seats available! She looked very glam and very authorly.

Jon, yes please, tea will always do.

Helen, no worries about being quiet. I will see you when I'm in Olney, okay? Don't worry about the freakish storms, this IS England after all. I went out and bought some shoes yesterday because I was cold. The first thing Caroline said to me was 'where are your orange toes?'

Lisa, Thank you. I'm so glad to have met you last night. Yes, roll on the next one (it might be some years before it's mine)

Jen, I'm sorry you weren't there, but I hope we can meet when I'm at my parents!

Marie, hello. I'm glad you like the pictures; she does look very glam. I felt very bad for abandoning the flip flops when Caroline managed the strappy dress! I'm such a wimp.

hesitant scribe said...

You asked me about how to get a favicon, so have posted instructions especially for you X

liz fenwick said...

Fab photos! So pleased for Caroline and happy you had such a wonderful time :-)

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hi, here on a semi-official visit from the novel racers to say thanks for your support for the race!