Sunday, June 10, 2007

What is it?

One of our favourite games is pictures in the clouds. Daughter spotted this one when we were on our way home from a gymnastic competition at school yesterday. (Did I mention she won a silver medal for the vault?)

Scroll down to find out what we say it is.


A mongrel dog chasing a teddy bear from behind a bush. Look how fast Teddy is running away from Dog!


sheepish said...

Mmmmmmmmm have you thought about consulting Ms M???????

Perhaps a lie down with a cold flannel on your fevered brow!!!!!

Jon Mayhew said...

I saw the bear straight away! We watched a horse floating across our garden the other day and then it turned into a dragon!...uh oh...

Helen said...

I saw that too!

Caroline said...


A. Writer said...

I totally see it! I've been known to play that game myself. I've seen all sorts! I'll have to have my camera at the ready next time!

Carol and Chris said...

Daughter got a sliver medal!! That's brilliant!! (I went out and bought her something today to say well done....will give it to her when we get back)

C x

Pacha said...

I saw the bear too but not the mongrel which now you mention it is actually really hard to miss! Made me laugh out loud at massive bear running away from small mongrel!

JJ said...

I laughed afresh when I came back and looked at Teddy again. He really is getting a move on. And all your comments made me laugh out loud again, again. Although Dave Hill emailed me to thank me for my comments about his book, and I was slightly embarrassed that the day he visits my blog, I've got Teddy and Dog cloud discussions going on. That's compared with his political commentary! Oooops.

Sheepish, I have indeed thought this might be a necessity: this is just one of the reasons I worry about myself.

Jon, Hello, glad to see here. It's slightly worrying isn't it, what you hear yourself saying on the blogs?

Helen - good, I couldn't believe anyone wouldn't be able to see Teddy particularly.

Caroline - it's not highbrow, but it's fun.

A.Writer - Yes, you need to carry the damn thing ALL the time (I don't, but I miss a lot too).

She did, Carol, she's a star. We weren't ready for the award bit with the camera, but we got the presentation filmed and all the gymy bits. She looks stunned, mystified and very happy getting her medal.

Pacha - Hi, nice to see you here. We took several pictures - most of which had better dog heads, but Teddy (of whom I'm becoming very fond) looked so funny in this one. Do you think Dog was biting Teddy's bottom?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

I didn't spot anything until I knew what you'd said it was, and then it was obvious - and very funny too. Congrats to Daughter!

JJ said...

Thanks Zinnia. I thought it was a good'un. Teddy still makes me laugh.

hesitant scribe said...

I see it. I see it. What does that mean?!

[Cloud watching is a much underrated pastime. We do it while lying on a 13 foot trampoline :)]

Victoria Hume said...

Excellent, your bear was much more imaginative than what i saw... but perhaps you have had more practise at it.

I just saw the face of an old lady gurning down on the people below!