Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I can hardly contain myself for excitement about next week's trip to the UK.

This is desperately exciting, because (in no particular order)
  1. I will see my best friends (two big and two small).
  2. I will meet some blogfriends!
  3. I am going to a book launch - how glam am I?
  4. I get to go to Primark, Marks and Spencers, Gap etc.
  5. I will see my sister and my nieces.
  6. I will see my Mum and Dad (and have a roast, hopefully. Lamb please Dad.)
  7. I will buy a breadmaker to return to Bangkok with (Hurrah, normal bread is coming).
  8. I will do things all on my own. I have been a mummy for so many years I cannot remember what it is to live for a whole week doing just what I want to do.
  9. I get to buy Soft and Gentle deoderant, Resolve, Rennies, Migraleve, Teabags, Options Choc powder, Tampax (shhh, don't shout about it) and bring them all back to Bangkok.
  10. I will go to an English bookshop, oooooooooh.

The only thing I am worrying about is what to wear on my feet. Because

  1. I still have a painful foot where the hole has filled in.
  2. I have lived for two years in sandals and flip flops and can't remember wearing shoes that cover my feet.
  3. I realise that flip flops are worn in the UK, but what if it's raining or cold?

Oh my goodness, I'm beyond excited.


Helen said...

Wear flipflops JJ. Everyone else is at the moment, even though it is only 14/15 degrees today.

I'm sorry I won't be able to make it to Caroline's book launch. It would have been lovely to meet you.

JJ said...

Thank you, Helen. I shall then. They are nice and squashy on my sore foot.

I'm so sorry you won't be there either. I am back in the UK again for the middle two weeks of July with my kids, but I don't suppose the novel racer meet will be then! That would be too good fortune indeed.

Whereabouts are you based? I'll be around the South East.

Helen said...

I'm south east to Midlands based. I'll be around in July as well. Email me (my email address is in my profile on my blog) and we might be able to meet up...

Helen said...

Just re-read my last comment. Sorry I didn't mean to sound so bossy!!

Carol and Chris said...

Hey JJ

I have just spent the last few days being reminded what it is like to have cold feet (and I mean really cold feet!!) - I have succumbed and bought a pair of shoes and a nice thick pair of socks!! (Scotland is not same same England so your wee tootsies will probably be fine!!)

C x

Caroline said...

Wear filpflops! Wear flipflops!



JJ said...

Well, that's a consensus then: flip flops it is. You realise that even in the event of snow, I shall be in flip flops? I am planning to travel light...

Caroline, I might have to go out and buy new flip flops: it's such a special occasion!

(Bloody mailbox is still empty!)

Caroline said...

New flip flops!
Wow! It really is a special occasion.

I feel the need to buy new knickers. Not that anyone will see them. Hopefully (yes hopefully).


Lucy Diamond said...

Ooh, how exciting! Enjoy, enjoy!