Friday, June 29, 2007

Five Things What Are Good

Right, in balance to my neurotic moment yesterday, today I am taking the advice of Jon M to produce a list of Five Things What Are Good:

  1. Yesterday in my miniscule time available for writing I wrote 258 words. Nobody died; nobody shouted at me that I was crap; I enjoyed myself and have even got a few more words.
  2. Daughter shone in her part in the school play; remembered all her lines; husband got out of work early and took me to lunch, and he operated the digital camera.
  3. Photoshop. How did I ever live without being able to make pictures of The Archivist in a dodgy suit, myself with matchsticks in my eyes and maps of Fictionville? I so love Photoshop and I really want to get better at it.
  4. Dim Sum, yellow dahl and tea.
  5. Sleep


Jen said...

mmmmmm... Dim Sum...

I quite like the idea of briefly journalling a couple of good bits in each day...

This is a great example:

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

Strictly speaking, dim sum, yellow dahl and tea are three things, so you actually managed SEVEN good things ...
We play this game some days (used to be every day, but we've slacked off) during supper: Three Ticks and a Cross. Everyone has to tell three things they liked about their day (ticks). You're also allowed one bad thing, and ideally you tell it first. We've found out loads about our kids' days at school and they've learned something about what we do at work.
Here are mine for today:
x: I still have 200 exam scripts to mark
/: I've already marked 300 exam scripts
/: I shouted at someone else's class today, trying out my new 'Head of Dept' tag for size. And they shut up.
/: My Year 10 Henry V coursework is better than anticipated

Caroline said...


Good things make me a bit nervous .. I think I may more at one with worry.


JJ said...

Hi all

Yeah, I'm with Caroline here, which accounts for the fact that I got 21 worries and 5 (or 7) goods.

Jen, Mmmm, yum dim sum.

HPoP, perhaps not if they are all in the same meal? Nice one (shouting) you are so scary. Daughter played a teacher in her year play yesterday: i think maybe she modelled herself on you!

Caroline, like I say, worries come worringly more quickly... I think it's probably my middle name.

High Priestess of Punk-chew-ation said...

Spoke too soon. Friday. Home from work early. Knock at door. Parcelforce. One big sack. 160 extra scripts. How easily we go from being in front to being behind ...

Moral - don't open the door to strange men.

Jon M said...

Yay for 5 good things! High Priestess is right about the 7 good things but actually your husband took you to lunch so that could be 8 good things! And don't forget the little things, random things that make you smile or are just there cos they're useful and make life kettles!
High Priestess is an English teacher, I've been there...don't make me go back whimper...

JJ said...

You can tell Jon and HPoP are teachers (or ex) because they are splitting hairs about how many good things I have. They come to my blog, and mark me!


Jon M said...

Full go through to the next round! :-)