Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So, I've got a sick feeling in my tummy tonight.

So, I’ve got a sick feeling in my tummy tonight.

I keep forgetting why I’ve got it and then … I remember.

At lunchtime I tipped a cup of tea on my Blackberry. Oh, my, god, I’m, such, a, f… fu … fool: a clumsy fool.

And, as you’d expect, it’s not behaving quite as it should.

In an attempt to forget my clumsy f***wittery, let me tell you about my day.

This morning I went down to the SCAD (Soi Cats and Dogs) Health Centre. This is one of the charities who have asked me to write for them and this is where the street cats and dogs come to be treated. The main idea is to spay and neuter them, but they nearly always have other bits of treatment that require doing. There were some pitiful dogs there which made me sad … but, that is what SCAD is doing – trying to improve the lives of street cats and dogs.

This afternoon I came home and tipped a cup of tea … but I’m supposed to taking my mind off that, so instead …

I’m going to go back to Andaman Discoveries to show you my ludicrous eco warrior bandana. If you peer you can see the orchid I planted and my name tag.

After I got back to Bangkok I read this in my book:

'Spiders are everywhere, in the forest, in caves, atop mountains, even in your bedroom. Anyone with arachnophobia would not want to shine a torch on a forest floor at night to see the million pinpoints of light reflected in the eyes of the spiders.

'There are spiders that actively hunt and pounce of their prey; there are sedentary spiders which wait in ambush; there are web spinning spiders which construct elaborate traps and there are even flying spiders.'

I was just so glad I got out of there without seeing any large spiders.


Pacha said...

JJ - I can't look at this picture without feeling faint. GET THAT SPIDER OFF AND FAR FROM YOUR BANDANA PLEASE!

You look gorgeous in your eco-warrier bandana.

OH NO YOUR BLACKBERRY! Your blog title suddenly feels a little ironic. I can only imagine how upset you are and hope that your Blackberry recovers soon and without intervention.

But you didn't want reminding about that;-)

Lane said...

You are a very, very bad woman. I thought I was safe and blithely scrolled down ...... How could you:-)

I'm still sorry about your b'berry though. Hope no major surgery is needed.

Jen said...

Oh no, I do NOT want to know about flying spiders. And, oh, your poor Blackberry. Best we don't think about that either really.


sheepish said...

What a friendly looking little tarantula I didn't know you could find them in Thailand, lucky you!!!!
Sorry about your blackberry ,wouldn't cream have been better than tea? I had a lovely blackberry desert just the other day.

Rebecca said...

oh - your poor little blackberry!

and oh Ma goodness - that SPIDER - I think it was a flying one for sure! About to land on your head - eeek!

(hmmm - flying spiders??? I think I"ll have to give THai forests a miss)

liz fenwick said...

(())s hope the blackberry has recovered from its cup of tea.

Shivering at the thought of all the spiders!

I've tagged btw.

Pacha said...

And now as punishment I have tagged you! Ha!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Har Har Har!!!

Leigh said...

I was going to comment on your lovely bandana (so much more fetching than dreadlocks), when I read other people's comments.
I had to look back three times before I spotted the spider! Doh...

Am worried about your BB. Is it okay now?

JJ said...

Hello all,

sorry I haven't replied individually. Oh dear, no, Leigh, I've taken my BB off to the BB Hospital today. If I wanted to type: 'hello m'lovelies' and pressed all the correct buttons, it would say 'yjr;;p ,rp ;pbrr;ord/' This made my text messages to husband rather difficult and a bit irritating.