Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bits and Bobs

I didn’t have a very good writing day yesterday. I wrote about 300 words – which given that I had all day, isn’t so brilliant. (Alright, it’s 300 more than I had…) On Sunday I rewrote the 700 words that my editing had removed from my total of 12,000.

So I have now more than enough words to send my mentor … who has accepted me as her mentee (Hurrah. Having spoken to me, TLC select from their list suitable mentors and my words are sent to her – in this case - to see if she feels she can help me. This is because the mentor must both feel empathy for the work she is mentoring.) I’ve put aside those words – currently 2 ½ chapters and I’m categorically not going to look at them again until they come back from the mentor. NO MORE FIDDLING, I PROMISE, SCARY EMAIL WOMAN.

I’ve been in to school for a meeting (on the obscenely early 6.40am school bus which, OMG, I make my children do every single Mon-Fri) – and while there I had the brilliant idea that if I registered for the library I could get a couple of research books for my wip – except there were no books on Greek Drama. Now excuse me for being pompous for a minute, but how can you teach Drama without telling kids about Classical Drama? How? On my way back from school I stopped at the secondhand bookshop Dasa Books and picked up a couple of Greek plays … I will reread these to immerse myself in the subject and they had a great big book on Greeks and Greek homosexuality! I bought this because it’s roughly (not really at all) in the right area. Really, I thought it might be fun to read, but I’m a bit like that I’m afraid. It might make me a bit of a nerd.

Today, I am full of anxiety for … just about everything. Here’s my list. I’m hoping that writing it down will be cathartic:

  • I have a headache and want a little lie down= no work
  • Tomorrow is my birthday and Husband has taken the day off = no work.
  • The kids break up for half term tomorrow for ten days= very little work
  • Next week we got to Seam Reap in Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat = not much available energy for writing.
  • The letter from TLC tells me that I will spend the next 9 months sending in my six lots of 10,000 words, and then I will finish the mss and it will go in to be read.

Anyway, there are only four things on my list of worries which isn’t so bad, is it? But my nail is now stumpy. See, I’m a reformed nail biter… which means I can never relax: relapse is just around the corner. The worse thing for me is if I have a jaggedy bit of nail and I don’t file or cut it, I just slip it in my mouth ‘to neaten it up’ and the next thing I know it’s gone!


liz fenwick said...

300 words is good. Do not look at the words that you sent until you hear back. Now go write new words galore so that tomorrow you can enjoy birthday guilt free.

You will be so pleased that you have new words that you will find a way of fitting words in tight schedule ahead ( I am telling myself these things too!).

Seriously jealous that you are going to Ancor Wat. Expect stunning photos as always!

Debs said...

I agree with Liz, 300 words is very good.

I hope your headache goes and you have a lovely birthday tomorrow.

My son went to Seam Reap and Ankor Wat, have seen photos (chap at work had them, not useless son) and it looked glorious.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Tee hee, snigger!

Liz and Debs are right, 300 words is good. And great news about getting accepted as a mentee. I'm one of those reformed nail biters too, I don't chew mine right down any more (well hardly ever) but the edges are gnawed to buggery. Have a lovely birthday and don't be worrying, we all know now that you can churn out 10,000 words in 10 days, don't we? ;-))

L-Plate Author said...

Hey, so what kiddo. It's your birthday tomorrow! Have a good one x

Angie said...

300 words is much better than no words, and congrats on the mentor. Hopefully that acceptance will keep your confidence high. Happy Birthday a day early!

Angkor Wat looks amazing, I hope you post pics.

JJ said...

Liz, thanks m'dear. I will try to post stunning photos. I hear it's incredibly photogenic.

Debs, thank you. It's supposed to be beautiful. I'm very excited.

Zinnia, yep, better than nothing. I rarely bite mine either... but I did yesterday. Oh well. And yes, I can do 'em; I can write those words.

LPlate, thanks hon.

Angie, I will, you know me! Thank you.