Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting back to normal

Look at my new, gorgeous notebook. It’s a belated birthday present from the loveliest Leigh. It scores on so many levels:

                • A gift
                • A parcel in the real post
                • A notebook
                • Illustrated with classic Penguins
                • Handbag sized
                • With elastic to stop the pages scuffing (this is SO important. Readers, please don’t underestimate the necessity for this simple piece of stretchy design.
                I haven’t done much writing these last few days because of Husband, half term, the holiday that wasn’t, one or two personal problems. Yesterday I sat down to do some and I managed only 150 or so. I’m not sure what happens next – well I know roughly. She’s got to react, but have I walled her into a corner with no-one to react to? Should I bring on a man with a gun? Perhaps that scary lady can email me again.

                So today, I was a bit nervous of starting and finding I’d got nothing to say. The 150 odd words I did yesterday brings my total up to 15,000, so first I went off to add that to my sidebar so that I could glow in the words I have achieved. Then I did the rounds of the updated blogs, and well, bloody hell, she’s gone and done it again: Calistro has some fantastic news that’s given me another kick up the backside. So I’m off now to do some writing … whether I’ve got anything to say or not.

                I shall report back. Please send me frightening emails if I don't.

                UPDATE: 704 words


                Tam said...

                It's great news about Calistro, isn't it?

                On the word count, I've had trouble getting words down on paper and 150 words is an excellent start :-) Well done on getting to 15,000 (such a lovely round figure!)

                SpiralSkies said...

                wonder whether hitting 15,000 is a stumbling block - it seems such a round, complete number, it's a shame to mess it up again. But 20,000 is even nicer. Off you go, just another 150 and you're on your way to the next milestone.

                sheepish said...

                Just here to show off my new photo, courtesy of Zinnia's advice. I love nice notebooks too, they invite words although sometimes they can be a bit intimidating too. I worry that I won't do them justice so I have plain ones too for my wip.

                JJ said...

                Tam, very exciting news. I need to go back and post on 100 words a day I think, so I'm reporting back!

                Spiral, you're right. Nice and round, but I only ever update a nice round thousand... On I go.

                Sheepish, I completely agree. They're lovely, but some are too lovely to spoil. I love your pic.

                Debs said...

                Well done for hitting 15k words, thats great.

                I love your notebook, I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

                Brilliant news about Cally, so thrilled for her.

                Carol and Chris said...

                OOhhh your notebook is absolutely gorgeous!! Hope your feeling a bit cheerier and congratulations on getting to the 15,000 word mark....you really are doing brilliantly!!

                C x