Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday afternoon

On Friday afternoon I went of to Kinokuniya Bookshop at Siam Paragon for the ‘Meg Cabot Greeting and Book Signing party.’

I’m not entirely sure why I went. I was at least 25 years too old, but one has to grasp at any booky thing here. I’m not inundated with choice. I haven't read any of her books, but in order to enter into the spirit of the thing I bought a copy of ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ which, as it turns out, isn’t the first one. No matter.

So did I learn anything? Possibly, should I ever need to be at my own book signing. She was funny, friendly, gorgeous (I particularly loved the print of her dress) and was quite the consummate professional. If the fans didn’t already love her, I am quite sure they will now.

She left a lovely message here for fans of the store. See if you can spot me in the audience!


L-Plate Author said...

Wow, still looked loads of fun! And yes I spotted you!!! x

Debs said...

That does look like fun and great experience for when you have your own book tour:)

I spotted you in the audience too.

Pat Posner said...

I bet you had a great time!
I love Meg's dress, too.

Sarah*G* said...

Her dress was lovely. Looked like there was loads of people there too.
I spotted you in the audience too!

JJ said...

It was fun. She obviously has lots of Thai fans. The girl I sat next to was Thai and she reads her in English although I think all her books have been translated too. She's written over 50 books! She must be writing in her sleep.

liz fenwick said...

Spotted you! Looks like a very well attended event!

Paige said...

Yep! Spotted you straight away! I've only read one of her books (Every Boy's Got One) it was okay.

The signed book looks fab.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, I love her dress too.

JJ said...

Liz, it was. It was heaving.

Paige, yeah I read the one I bought. It was okay.

M&T, isn't it lovely?

Flowery said...

Hello, JJ

I am a Thai girl, actually a Thai woman.
There were a lot of young girls on that day.
That made me feel old too. Hahaha.

I posted some pictures on my blog.
I went to both Asia Books and Kinokuniya.

This is the URL of my blog.

JJ said...

Hello Flowery, thank you for coming and saying hello. I'm in one of the pictures on your blog. I look very miserable! but I wasn't. I felt very old too, but I think all Thai women look young! You're very lucky.

Helen said...

Gosh I am so late with your posts aren't I? I met Meg a few weeks ago and she was lovely. I have a photo but I look like a blimp next to her!
P.S You need to read Size 12 is not fat first!

Flowery said...

Hi, JJ

I guess you're the woman standing in book signing queue behind the girl wearing pink blouse.

I am that girl, hahaha.

JJ said...

So you were number 4 to have your book signed? The really pale pink shirt? And there's a farang behind you? Looking really miserable? Yes that's me. How funny.

Flowery said...

Actually, I got number 3.
Yes, how amazing we both wrote blog about this event and we were in the queue very closely!