Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I managed a rather wonderful 704 words yesterday, which for a tortoise writer like me, is pretty good.

I’ve had lots of help from a man I don’t know, called Peter. He has been answering my questions about a first edition book that I’ve never seen and cannot find an image of on the internet. The book ‘appears’ in my novel and I need to know what it looks like. He’s emailed back and forth enclosing answers and now images. He couldn’t have been more helpful. Thank you Peter.

My sister has asked a friend of the family if he can help with questions about local building/planning applications for a very small subplot and I’ve now emailed him.

My poor brother is still being bombarded with emails about complicated medical complaints - I think I'm maybe running down his reserves of goodwill.

But I’ve still not heard back from either of my ‘classics’ connections.

Nor have I had a reply to the antiquarian bookseller my sister put me on to. If there’s anyone out there who knows one that might be willing to answer a few questions, please can you email me?

And a biochemist? Anyone manage to put me in touch with one of them?

All contacts gratefully received.


B said...

Is the antiquarian bookseller for antique books info or for selling them?

Biochemist... I don't think so but I'll have a think.

JJ said...

B, I need to know how someone who collects books, might keep them. I also need specific information of a couple of collectable books.

Thanks, JJx

Lane said...

Good grief. I've only found out how high a certain bridge is. I feel a bit lax now:-)

Hope you find all the necessary info.

Calistro said...

Biochemist? There's a fair few scientists where I work so I'm sure I could track down a biochemist for you. Is there a specific area you want/need to know about? Send me an email and I'll see if I can help (if you question is anything to do with infectious diseases or the immune system we're laughing!)

Debs said...

Well done on the word count, mine was a big fat zero, but I did a bit of research.

Sorry, I can't help with the antiquarian bookseller or biochemist.

Lazy Perfectionista said...

I might be able to help out with biochemist type enquiries, and if I can't there's a good chance one of my colleagues would be able to. Give me a shout.

HelenMH said...

For the antiquarian books, an academic library might be able to help you as most of those have collections of old manuscripts. My novel has a first edition in it as well - but it's been sadly neglected!

B said...

i'm thinking that if you get in touch with the lit and phil society in newcastle they'll be able to help . they have a lot of old books. google them i fell in love with them when i visited and they all semed very friendly and helpful

Carol and Chris said...

Well done on the words today!!

I cant help with the antiquarian bookseller but might be able to help with the Biochemist. I'll send off a few e-mails and see what comes back

C x