Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween's here

Bangkok prepares for Halloween 2008

One of my favourite costumes: Son on Halloween 2006 (I thought it was last year but my records say not).

We gave untold small children in our condo nightmares that year.


Tam said...

Eeek! Is that a string of sausages or unfortunate girl's plait he's got pinned to his apron??

Carol and Chris said...

He looks fab in that costume....not surprised he terrified the living daylights out of the little ones!!

C x

Lane said...

Love Halloween Bangkok style:-)

Know what you mean about missing a year. Is it an age thing jj:-)

Pat Posner said...

Great Halloweeny pictures, JJ. What will butcher son be wearing this year?

Debs said...

Lovely pics. They certainly make the most of each celebration in Thailand. Here there doesn't seem to be much at all going on, apart from the odd car getting 'egged'.

JJ said...

Tam, yes that's meant to be a string of sausages!

C&C, it's one of my faves, I have to admit. It's good job you spotted the severed arm, though, or it would've been a bit dull.

Lane, My kids assure me it was last year, but my camera says it was 2006! Must be my age.

Pat, Thank you. This year Son went as a rather subdued dracula figure. He was truly mortified by the number of kids he upset last year.

Debs, ewww, egging? Not quite fun really is it?

Flowerpot said...

great pictures JJ. Not much going on here either.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, Happy Halloween :)

Fiona said...

Your son looks impressively fearsome. Love his costume.

I am eating the chocolates I bought for the trick or treaters. My dogs have been ready with their scary howling but no one's come - we're too isolated.