Friday, October 10, 2008

The dog ate my homework

I had an email yesterday that gave me a proper telling off. I’m not disclosing the source - they can out themselves if they wish - but it’s not my Mum!

Take a look at how scary it is:

The only other thing I'd say, and I know I've said this before, is that while I do understand why you're polishing this to get it where you want it to be for your mentor, and that makes sense, you do need to get the rest written. You can't truly finish this bit until you've written the whole thing. You've been back in Bangkok for over a week now and I haven't noticed your word counter going up. Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag... but I think that's part of what I'm for! I know you did loads in Koh Chang, and that was great, but let me quote back to you your own words from 30th September: 'Hopefully I’ve learned that if I can write flat out here, I can get on and do that in Bangkok too.' Well???

I have just got a little bit of sorting out to do so that it’s ready to send to the mentor when she’s finalised. But I’m making a promise, that from Monday I am on fresh words…

Please feel free to send me frightening emails demanding explanations for why my word counter hasn’t risen.


Annie Bright said...

I know it's not an email - but scary - right?

Mine is only creeping up now - I've set myself a 300 word a day challenge to try to get me motivated. HA!

Tam said...

Oh blimey, my word count would certainly rise if I got emails like that...

Still, it can only be a good thing, right?

PS. Good luck for husband with piano exam...

Yvonne said...

Wow I must get someone to send me those types of emails, how scary!

Debs said...

Lol, that certainly told you.

Maybe we should all have someone to send us emails like that too.

SpiralSkies said...

Blimey. Probably just what you need though, I'm afraid.

It's infuriating because we all know you can write and you know you can write and we want you to do it.

I bet I know who that's from. (I have a mad bat of a colleague who refers to her as Daisy Delphinium.)

Now do as you're told, young lady!

Go go go!


Pat Posner said...

I think there should be a separate word counter to show words written but then deleted and the number of words re-written.

Something like that would make me look very busy *smile*

JJ said...

Cor blimey, Annie, no need to shout! Yeah, really scary. Thanks!

Tam, I think mine will rise, I'm properly frightened of the prospect of another email. I will, thanks.

Yvonne, I tell you it's worked.

Debs, I was wondering that ...a sort of chain letter 'send this to 10 writers you know - if they don't get on and write the world will fall apart...' what do you think?

Jen, I never disclose my sources. I couldn't possibly comment!

Pat, you are SO right. I've edited and edited, and I've gone and lost 700 words! Bloody hellfire. I've got to write an awful lot BEFORE my counter will go up again, and I might get another scary email.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope it worked, good luck with the word count, I'll keep my eye on it next week :)

KAREN said...

I felt scared reading that! It's almost prompted me to get on with mine :o) We do need a kick up the bum at times (ok, all the time in my case!)

Fiona said...

Go and sit on the naughty step right now!

Can you ask your mentor to shout at me too?

JJ said...

I am still so chuckling at this and all your comments: the naughty step! Ha. I've been working ALL weekend to keep my promise!

It's not my mentor, either! That would be rather frightening!

I'm slightly alarmed though because I can write Mon and Tues, then Wed is my birthday and then the kids are off for half term!

Eeek. I'd best ignore the kids and write ...